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Compatibility with other plugins?

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Considering purchase and I use several WordPress plugins and wonder about compatibility with WPR 3.X



www.redsandmarketing.com/plugins/wp-spamshield/  has totally eliminated spam comments.


www.WordFence.com blocks bot attempts to log into my admin account.


I think either of those should play well with WPR 3.X


Probably my biggest question...

http://www.WPTouch.com gives me very good rendering on mobile devices.

I like it a lot, and have license to it.

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I don't know of any plugins or themes that are not compatible with our plugin -BUT- I do know that you can not change the wordpress db prefix from "wp_" to anything else besides the default. Other than that I've not seen or heard of any issues with any other themes/plugins.

The reason we should never have any conflicts is due to the fact that our header/footer code is inserted/controlled by you and our code is only inserted into the pages where our {page-tags} are inserted


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