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Need a Custom RETS Solution?

Something that checks all the boxes?

Works with ALL RETS providers!

Pay only once to own the code for life.

Unlimited sites/RETS – no limits/restrictions!

Connect unlimited sites to a single database!

No Logo or Product-Branding requirements.

100% Wordpress MU/Plugin/Theme compatible.

100% SEO Dynamic settings/content/meta/title/urls/ etc.

100% SEO Indexable listings + Schema/data compatible.
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Powerful & Clean


WordPress Real Estate Plugin

WordPress Real Estate Plugin

What makes a great WordPress real estate plugin? I’d argue that it would have to be one that I could pay just once to “own” it and not “lease” for starters. It would also have to be something that I could have total access to all of its code without any encryption and something that I could re-brand as my own if I desired. Last of all, it would have to have an “unlimited use” developers type of licensing ……. If this sounds like something you agree with then -Welcome to RETS PRO!

Before we were a RETS software company we were a SEO Website company that first started the late 90’s, before there was a Google! We began with eCommerce sites and then branched into SEO and SEM, but in 2003 we started building Real Estate Sites and doing SEO for our RE clients. That’s when, in 2005, we switched over to strictly doing only Real Estate RETS data projects. By 2007 we released our first commercial RETS solution for Joomla and by 2009 we switched 100% over to supporting our WordPress Real Estate Plugin only.

In 2011 we rewrote and launched our 3x version, which was a major milestone for us since it was a ground-up rewrite. We did this so that we would be able to write a lot of new code for the next few years. We completed dozens of new features, integrated and made the product into the best RETS plugin for WordPress that you could get your hands on!

2017 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugin

Fast forward over the last 5+ years and after many refinements and upgrades we are getting near the end of the 3x version and just now testing out yet another master version as our New 4x goes online to certainly take the title of 2017 Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins list yet again for another 3rd year in a row!

What makes the new RETS PRO 4x the best Real Estate Plugin? Everything in the first paragraph for starters, but seriously here are some PRO items no other solutions out there even offer at all so these are exclusives to us only;

• Multi-RETS – that’s right! Want to add Multiple RETS data feeds into a single db? Not a problem!
• Multi-RETS – means multi-images to deal with – how about a hot link option for each RETS instead of downloading images? Not a problem!
• Ability to setup a single Master-db site – Means you only need to run (1) cron on (1) site and can tie-in unlimited remote sites.
• Custom Short-code builder – like no other! This new shortcode builder can not only build short-codes to embed listings any way you want, but it can also provide you with shortcode to show an embedded map with or without polygon. All Maps with all results and changes done as ajax so no page reloads required. You can even generate short-codes to show count value, average value, highest value, lowest value and range values –
• RSS embedded on shortcode template feeds if chosen – excellent method to embed listings on other free sites for back links.
• No Limits! You are only limited by your own imagination, creativity and or your budget if you need to hire someone!

Of course if we’ve been around this long we’ve obviously already got everything else such as compatibility with all plugins and themes and providing you with responsive and all the latest libraries etc. If you still need more info on the newest 4x WordPress Real Estate Plugin or RETS plugin then please check out the announcements in the forums area here
What makes RETS PRO different from all of the other Real Estate Plugins?

WordPress RETS Plugin

RETS PRO plugin is the only real estate plugin that works out of the box with any RETS you connect it to. That’s our main claim to fame for starters as there isn’t any other solution that claims this and since anyone who has ever dealt with RETS data before you will know that it’s not an easy task to claim that title since there are some really odd RETS data providers out there!

We are also the only people willing to sell you a 100% unencrypted developers licensed version! Feel free to give that a search and you’ll find no-one is willing to give you access to all their code except for us! The only Pay-Once Real Estate Plugin for WordPress that exist period!

RETS PRO is also the only solution that you are not forced to download images with (unless you just want to) – that’s right – Think about that! This means that if you use our solution you will not only save money upfront but also over time since you will not need to store all of those images if you use our hotlink options which means a smaller and cheaper hosting plan will work just fine!

We have the only Master-RETS-database solution!  This means that you would definitely want to take advantage of this if you plan on doing multiple websites since you can setup you cron to only run on the one website instead of on every site!  THAT’S HUGE! –

What you do on all of the other sites is click onto our “Remote db Settings” tab and there you can instantly connect as many sites as you want to your master-db site.  Not a frame, Not a sub-domain, Nope! It’s “Perfectly SEO Compatible” to use this method since its only connection is to the MySQL listings table on the master site instead of the local site – all other tables and SEO settings etc. remain unique to each site.

RETS PRO Solutions:

Those are just “some” of the reasons why we are known as the RETS “PRO” solution!

Give us a call Today – (888) 540 -9666
So we can discuss your WordPress Real Estate project requirements are and remember “There are no dumb questions!”

Works with "ALL" RETS

Only WordPress Real Estate plugin 100% compatible with “ALL” RETS Providers in the USA & Canada

Unlimited License

Pay only “Once” to build unlimited Real Estate sites and connect to and build unlimited RETS projects.

Responsive Design

Do you know basic HTML, CSS? Then it’s easy to adapt our template code into your favorite WP Themes

Unlimited Options

Nothing encrypted,  no branding requirements, no creative limits – so go ahead and build it “your way!”.