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Need a Custom RETS Solution?

Something that checks all the boxes?

Works with ALL RETS providers!

Pay only once to own the code for life.

Unlimited sites/RETS – no limits/restrictions!

Connect unlimited sites to a single database!

No Logo or Product-Branding requirements.

100% Wordpress MU/Plugin/Theme compatible.

100% SEO Dynamic settings/content/meta/title/urls/ etc.

100% SEO Indexable listings + Schema/data compatible.
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Powerful & Clean


WordPress Real Estate Plugin

WordPress Real Estate Plugin

Best WordPress Real Estate Plugin 2015.

RETS PRO™ is the ONLY WordPress Real Estate Plugin that is 100% compatible with all RETS Providers that you can buy and own – period.
There are several other WordPress real estate plugins available but none of the other WordPress Real Estate Plugins guarantee you 100% compatibility with ALL RETS Providers in North America, and none of the other WordPress Real Estate Plugins sell you their code as “unencrypted” with “unlimited use” as well as “no license call backs or branding requirements” – period.
With the WPR3x WordPress Real Estate Plugin you have 100% control over all design, features, options as well as using custom, and dynamic, “conditionals” options based on RETS data fields means that there is no limits to what you can create.
WordPress Real Estate Plugin

WordPress RETS Plugin

When it comes to looking for a WordPress RETS Plugins there is really only RETS PRO’s WPR3x Plugin since the only other plugin that sells a RETS/XML for wordpress is called wp-property and it is certainly NOT compatible with all RETS provider nor is it very easy to work with if you’re trying to get it to integrate with various other WordPress Real Estate Themes and 3’rd party plugins then you will run into a lot of headaches – just do some google searches and read about their WordPress Real Estate Plugin compatibility issues.

WordPress Real Estate Plugin

Here are just SOME of the features available:
• Compatible with the All WordPress Themes and Plugins.
• Template/or/Text Auto Suggest Search Box – Sometimes called “smart-search-box”
• All Listings are 100% index-able – Custom Site Map included.
• WPR3x plugin templates can be custom edited to include micro-data via
• All “SEO” 100% Custom Dynamic Titles, URL, Description, Meta(s) etc based on user defined listings fields.
• Shortcode Generator inserts live listings directly into posts/pages/widgets.
• Form Generator to create lead capture forms.
• Google maps on search and listing details pages.
• All features are template driven allowing for endless possibilities in design.
Below are some of our WordPress Real Estate Plugin services:
• Custom WordPress Real Estate Themes – Our theme integration services.
• WordPress Real Estate Sites – Custom made to order.
• WordPress Real Estate Plugin – Here is where to buy.

So go ahead and do your due diligence and compare all of the WordPress MLS plugins for sale and you’ll find that NONE of them have the potential to integrate RETS data with as many user defined parameters as the RETS PRO™ WordPress Real Estate Plugin does.

Works with "ALL" RETS

The only WordPress plugin that is 100% compatible with “ALL” RETS Providers in the USA & Canada

Unlimited License

Pay only “Once” to build unlimited Real Estate sites and connect to and build unlimited RETS projects.

Responsive Design

Do you know basic HTML, CSS? Then it’s easy to adapt our template code into your favorite WP Themes

Unlimited Options

Nothing encrypted,  no branding requirements, no creative limits – so go ahead and build it “your way!”.