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  2. RP plugin 4.1.7 Released

    We have just released this newest 4.1.7 version - NOTE* - We've decided to make this one a manual download. Here's the link to download this version - https://retspro.com/clients/dl.php?type=d&id=20 If you need to renew your $80 12 month access to our Downloads Section then here is that link - https://retspro.com/clients/index.php?rp=/store/rets-pro-products/annual-download-access-8000 If you've tried to auto-update the plugin to this version you will notice it won't connect. Every couple of years we change our core plugin update path so that we can make sure that only the people with an actual license are the ones getting access to our code. So go ahead and download and click the upload plugin option within wordpress and you're good to go. The 4.1.7 release changelog. PLEASE NOTE - THIS VERSION MUST BE MANUALY DOWNLOADED AND INSTALLED! New Stuff. Added new UI within admin for setting limits on the "wp_realty_updated_listings" table. (default setting to auto purge everything older than 180 days) Added new file path to our wp-realty.php file to allow developers to store the new "custom-code.php" file within their template directory and then the custom code within that file will be inserted into the bottom of our core file now. (no more having to re add custom hacks manually). New Maps price pins and other new maps code is already in this version but - will require new video. New extra RETS options with additional "custom" filters added as well as new way to only download last x# of months/years of sold data from todays current date (example: allows for "exactly" last 6 months of sold data to be maintained) have been added to our latest RETS module (now only available in the downloads) - will require video. Added amazing new "fully customizable" community template - will require video. Videos are coming soon to go over all of the new How-To's - we'll post links back here when uploaded. Fixed Stuff. Edit All Listings - (fixed the auto sort and warning message when using newer php7.4+) Fixed bug when in site config tab hitting save button opened new window. Fixed uploaded image settings "default" now works again. Fixed error log due to latest php7.4 - we are currently testing cleaning for php 8x Coming Soon. All new/updated How-to videos are coming soon. Wrapping up newest php8 version so we can release asap. Working on all new admin panel upgrades to latest bootstrap and libraries.
  3. RETS PRO 4.1.5 Feature List

    Is RETSPRO is operating/developing? Looking forward to new updates.
  4. RETS PRO 4.1.5 Feature List

    Good morning, happy 2022. Is there any further updates to this software? Has version 4.1.7 or newer been released?
  5. How is the revamp project progressing? This is something I am looking forward to in order to get away from Wordpress issues.
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