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  2. News Announcement.

    Following up - yes and aware its now November - but - Here's the update on where things are as of today. We've evaluated the core code and modules needed to make sure that this is "THE" most inclusive solution out there. For those already familiar with solutions like kvCORE, Sisu, BrokerSumo etc. ...we're picking our "must-have" features and building them out as New Modules for our saas solution. We've spent a (3) solid months coding everything needed from BrokerSumo into our first New "Transaction Module" and during the process we've already overlapped our existing Agent profile fields to now include all of those from the BS platform as well. This New Transaction Module will also include custom MLM/tier/recruit % upline genealogy recruiting Module. The "Transaction Module" is about (1) month from completion and then another month will be needed for final testing and connecting up all of the 3rd party API's like QuickBooks, Dotloop and SkySlope. Our Goal is to complete this Task by the end of the year. One of the main goals we have with new saas solution is that we'll also have our own RETS module added as well. This will provide the ability to then use your saas installation as a stand alone real estate site as well - similar to Sierra Interactive - but with a complete back office solution. The main caveat is that we also plan to offer our own wordpress api plugin. =========================================== So what does any of that have to do with the RETS PRO Wordpress plugin? To start with - We're building out a new REST API for RETS PRO so that it'll be able to connect to our new saas solution as well as anything else you want that has an API. We're also adding a new retspro admin ui hooks system for developers. This will allow for the display of other 3rd party API data, similar to what Wordpress Admin Area does/allows. What will be happening with RETS PRO going forward? We'll be adding in new templates and features, but ultimately, we'll be stripping it down to the bare minimum so that its a lighter, faster solution. Final Note - RETS PRO New version w/minor updates release date is pending but will be released before end of month. As to videos and documentation for last release they're forth coming with this new release as they'll be made while testing these latest release fixes.
  3. News Announcement.

    We are currently working out some of the details, but it looks like we will be working on a new web cms/crm/ standalone platform beginning Monday Aug 1st. We intend to offer our RETS PRO Customers, as a separate buyable product, the ability to connect your current wordpress 4x site to a powerful back office intranet/crm via api. The new solution will be a complete RE back office intranet codestack with everything al 'carte - Buy and add in the modules you want/need like 3rd party api's including - Quickbooks - Skyslope - Dotloop - Twilio - Google - KvCore - Zoom - WhatsApp - RETS PRO - MLM/Recruiting - DocuSign - Dropbox - Wordpress User Sync - GravityForms - Leads Routing - Appointments - Accounting - ...etc etc.) Bringing everything that a RE back-office needs into a common php stack - Launch ETA 6 months. Customer/Client Beta Login will begin in Sept 22. New thread topic will be posted below when the demo site login gets created.
  4. We are working on the next release to include a few features, upgrades that were not included within the last version. (more coming soon about the list of items) Adding in the agent import script as well as a couple of back-end template tweaks - Adding new API connection documentation (allowing you to connect to your fav 3rd party solutions) - In addition to that, we're also working on a new default template. (few things to list below) Adding in new forms to Show/Schedule Listing etc. - Removing everything down to the bare minimum within template folder - Check back weekly! We will be posting more updates here over the next couple of weeks as we are working on our final reversions for the 4x version. ================================= Side notes to our development projects - Many of you have been checking in to see what we are up to so I'll recap recent projects. We've recently completed a massive new template project for a Florida client who needed to match the exact same features of their Real Estate Webmasters website. It took us about 90 days to do and test everything to their liking. We're currently working with another company to build out their MLM recruiting portal (being built out on latest CodeIgniter) and we'll be tying it all into their 3rd party QuickBooks, Skyslope and their CRM. - So yeah - we've been doing custom code projects for over 18+ years so be sure to "Call Us" if you need something custom!
  5. RP plugin 4.1.7 Released

    We have just released this newest 4.1.7 version - NOTE* - We've decided to make this one a manual download. Here's the link to download this version - https://retspro.com/clients/dl.php?type=d&id=20 If you need to renew your $80 12 month access to our Downloads Section then here is that link - https://retspro.com/clients/index.php?rp=/store/rets-pro-products/annual-download-access-8000 If you've tried to auto-update the plugin to this version you will notice it won't connect. Every couple of years we change our core plugin update path so that we can make sure that only the people with an actual license are the ones getting access to our code. So go ahead and download and click the upload plugin option within wordpress and you're good to go. The 4.1.7 release changelog. PLEASE NOTE - THIS VERSION MUST BE MANUALY DOWNLOADED AND INSTALLED! New Stuff. Added new UI within admin for setting limits on the "wp_realty_updated_listings" table. (default setting to auto purge everything older than 180 days) Added new file path to our wp-realty.php file to allow developers to store the new "custom-code.php" file within their template directory and then the custom code within that file will be inserted into the bottom of our core file now. (no more having to re add custom hacks manually). New Maps price pins and other new maps code is already in this version but - will require new video. New extra RETS options with additional "custom" filters added as well as new way to only download last x# of months/years of sold data from todays current date (example: allows for "exactly" last 6 months of sold data to be maintained) have been added to our latest RETS module (now only available in the downloads) - will require video. Added amazing new "fully customizable" community template - will require video. Videos are coming soon to go over all of the new How-To's - we'll post links back here when uploaded. Fixed Stuff. Edit All Listings - (fixed the auto sort and warning message when using newer php7.4+) Fixed bug when in site config tab hitting save button opened new window. Fixed uploaded image settings "default" now works again. Fixed error log due to latest php7.4 - we are currently testing cleaning for php 8x Coming Soon. All new/updated How-to videos are coming soon. Wrapping up newest php8 version so we can release asap. Working on all new admin panel upgrades to latest bootstrap and libraries.
  6. RETS PRO 4.1.5 Feature List

    Is RETSPRO is operating/developing? Looking forward to new updates.
  7. RETS PRO 4.1.5 Feature List

    Good morning, happy 2022. Is there any further updates to this software? Has version 4.1.7 or newer been released?
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