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  1. RETS PRO Version 4.0.5 - Now available for download!

    Is 4.0.6 ready to roll? I cannot log into TMLS Paragon with my credentials. Using RETSPro 4.0.3
  2. Compatibility with other plugins?

    OK. Thanks.
  3. I think there is a clear reason why so few local agencies here are using RETS. Fees are stiff, too.
  4. Bing Maps API insertion...

    OK. Thanks Chad.
  5. Bing Maps API insertion...

    Is it difficult to replace the GOOG mapping function with Bing Mapping? Or to offer Bing mapping along with GOOG mapping, so the client can choose?
  6. So, there is no real technical disadvantage to downloading? Great. MY MLS requires downloading, does not allow hotlinking to their server, and there is no watermark.
  7. What is the disadvantage of downloading photos from the RETS server, vs. hot linking? Is it just a matter of bandwidth usage and storage requirements? Will GOOG index photos on my server? Image search? I guess it is moot for me, since my MLS requires downloading photos to my server. I'm just wondering why that may be a bad thing.
  8. Considering purchase and I use several WordPress plugins and wonder about compatibility with WPR 3.X WP-SpamShield www.redsandmarketing.com/plugins/wp-spamshield/ has totally eliminated spam comments. www.WordFence.com blocks bot attempts to log into my admin account. I think either of those should play well with WPR 3.X Probably my biggest question... http://www.WPTouch.com gives me very good rendering on mobile devices. I like it a lot, and have license to it.