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  1. NEW(s) Update.

    New Changes Coming! First off we'd like to welcome Mike back to RP! Next - We're going to be slowly re-structuring RP into a lighter faster version of itself as we'll be removing anything out other than the code required to retrieve and display data. All other CRM/Lead Router type features will be available via connecting our New API to any 3rd party CRM/Marketing solution you want to use. We've already begun working with adding in a new reso-api connector as well as updating to all of the latest libraries and php8x. Be sure to join our New Affiliate Program! (Link and more info coming in our next update)
  2. RETS PRO 4.1.5 Feature List

    Yes - we're back into the development here again :)
  3. 2024 News.

    After a long hiatus, (working on another code project) we're finally getting back to this plugin for our planned updates. What's coming first - as in right away before anything major. #1 - Latest php8x compatibility. #2 - Updating all 3rd party libraries to newest versions for, js, css, etc. After this is one we will be rolling out the rest of previously planned upgrades. #1 - New core templates. #2 - New rets api integrations. #3 - New API for connecting to our other New Back Office CRM software first - then including the API documentation to be able to connect this to any 3rd party solutions you want to develop on. All of the above is primarily for existing clients - after we complete the list then - That's it - We're Done! ...other than maintenance. Nothing else is planned or scheduled for this project due to the over-all-decline of DIY clients "capable" of setting up and managing everything needed to run their own RE website. When we originally launched this project, way back in 2008, it was for our own "in-house" SEO Company. We needed to provide our RE customers an SEO edge over their competition - We spent so much time/$ developing the plugin that we decided to modify it to include an UI for other web developers to be able to also use what we had created - Since then, and years later, others tried to build something to compete against us like Realtyna, Estatik - Now they're both struggling to remain viable. In fact, this has become such a micro-niche market, that we've already gone on to build out another "SaaS" solution that's hopefully going to be the Next #1 Disrupter to all of the other Real Estate Tech Silos out there. More coming soon -
  4. New For 2023!

    Our Patch release delayed another week to do more updates needed as we are pushing for PHP 8.1 compatibility atm. As to the RETS PRO website "relaunch" - that's nearly ready to push out as we're almost done with the matching seo url/path fixes via htaccess so its happening "sometime" this month. As to everything else -> Major Money Being Spent On Programming! Currently Beta Testing our BrokerSumo clone as well as beginning our testing with API's now to connect it with - QuickBooks, Dotloop, Skyslope, DocuSign and Dropbox. Officially in the middle of Forking (3) different GNU - GPL Solutions (more on this soon). Forking (2) very large solutions right now with over (7) fulltime developers/programmers working on code projects over the next few months. More updates/announcements - coming soon!
  5. New For 2023!

    Happy New Year! There has been a lot going on behind the scenes over the last several months. Here's a short list of what to expect to see this month: Before the end of this month we will be relaunching this website. Updating and releasing the next patch release of the RP plugin. As to what's ahead for the year 2023. Updating and cleaning up code and templates. Tying in New API connector. What else? We have something really special coming to all our customers later this year. We've been working really hard to deliver on a "complete" back-office solution for this year and we're on the downhill side of a major completion deadline. Once we get the RP plugin API completed and documentation published, we'll go ahead and announce your Free VIP 1 year total access - .....more soon.
  6. We are working on the next release to include a few features, upgrades that were not included within the last version. (more coming soon about the list of items) Adding in the agent import script as well as a couple of back-end template tweaks - Adding new API connection documentation (allowing you to connect to your fav 3rd party solutions) - In addition to that, we're also working on a new default template. (few things to list below) Adding in new forms to Show/Schedule Listing etc. - Removing everything down to the bare minimum within template folder - Check back weekly! We will be posting more updates here over the next couple of weeks as we are working on our final reversions for the 4x version. ================================= Side notes to our development projects - Many of you have been checking in to see what we are up to so I'll recap recent projects. We've recently completed a massive new template project for a Florida client who needed to match the exact same features of their Real Estate Webmasters website. It took us about 90 days to do and test everything to their liking. We're currently working with another company to build out their MLM recruiting portal (being built out on latest CodeIgniter) and we'll be tying it all into their 3rd party QuickBooks, Skyslope and their CRM. - So yeah - we've been doing custom code projects for over 18+ years so be sure to "Call Us" if you need something custom!
  7. RP plugin 4.1.7 Released

    We have just released this newest 4.1.7 version - NOTE* - We've decided to make this one a manual download. Here's the link to download this version - https://retspro.com/clients/dl.php?type=d&id=20 If you need to renew your $80 12 month access to our Downloads Section then here is that link - https://retspro.com/clients/index.php?rp=/store/rets-pro-products/annual-download-access-8000 If you've tried to auto-update the plugin to this version you will notice it won't connect. Every couple of years we change our core plugin update path so that we can make sure that only the people with an actual license are the ones getting access to our code. So go ahead and download and click the upload plugin option within wordpress and you're good to go. The 4.1.7 release changelog. PLEASE NOTE - THIS VERSION MUST BE MANUALY DOWNLOADED AND INSTALLED! New Stuff. Added new UI within admin for setting limits on the "wp_realty_updated_listings" table. (default setting to auto purge everything older than 180 days) Added new file path to our wp-realty.php file to allow developers to store the new "custom-code.php" file within their template directory and then the custom code within that file will be inserted into the bottom of our core file now. (no more having to re add custom hacks manually). New Maps price pins and other new maps code is already in this version but - will require new video. New extra RETS options with additional "custom" filters added as well as new way to only download last x# of months/years of sold data from todays current date (example: allows for "exactly" last 6 months of sold data to be maintained) have been added to our latest RETS module (now only available in the downloads) - will require video. Added amazing new "fully customizable" community template - will require video. Videos are coming soon to go over all of the new How-To's - we'll post links back here when uploaded. Fixed Stuff. Edit All Listings - (fixed the auto sort and warning message when using newer php7.4+) Fixed bug when in site config tab hitting save button opened new window. Fixed uploaded image settings "default" now works again. Fixed error log due to latest php7.4 - we are currently testing cleaning for php 8x Coming Soon. All new/updated How-to videos are coming soon. Wrapping up newest php8 version so we can release asap. Working on all new admin panel upgrades to latest bootstrap and libraries.
  8. The New RP plugin 4.1.7 First we'll be addressing the latest updates needed for the New /listing-details/ template coming with this version. Next we've added a "New Agent Import" option that allows any large company that has an excel data dump of their agents can now simply upload and match those fields and "done". Just tested this with a company agent list of over 1500 agents. Now they'll just email the agents the login path to our plugin with instructions to upload/edit their photos and any other personal changes that they'd like to make etc. We also added a New default maps feature that now includes map Price-Pins i.e. $1.23ML. in short, not only can you still create custom map-pins to match anything/data you want, you can now use a custom "Price" type pin as well!. Expect the v 4.1.7 release date to be mid June. What's Next? There are several releases planned for this year as we continue to - Brand new maps module/template, complete with custom advance search form builder integration. (New screenshots will be coming soon! - currently under alpha/beta testing.) (Note* This New Maps Module will only be available in the downloads section when released.) (ETA-? Probably end of July) Completing more RETS API integrations (hopefully all of them now) (ETA-? Probably end of July) Updated & Supported "REST API" for easy push pull for nearly all 3rd party CRMs. (This is where we will be continuing to push our reach in order to grow/expand with our customers as their own needs evolve.) (ETA-? Probably end of August) 2021 is already heating up - get your hands on a developers license asap before the price goes up again! Cheers!
  9. RETS PRO 4.1.5 Feature List

    Replied via phone call with someone within the development team. And as per this post haven't heard back from anyone about what the client had decided to do yet.
  10. Happy New Year Everyone! Here at RETS PRO our first priority this year will be to go through all of our RP plugin code to do all of the needed upgrades to the newest 3rd party code dependencies i.e. Bootstrap4, jQuery3, JS, PHP7x, CSS3 etc. While we're doing these 3rd party upgrades we're also working on a completely New Default template set - AND - New Maps Template! We are especially excited to roll out a brand New Maps Template! (asap). The new maps template will be a MAJOR upgrade to our current maps template as it will feature basic builder documentation as well as some custom embed options. For example - you will be able to add in your own custom drop down boxes via our current search form builder and then add them to the search form (trust me its cool and no one else has such a builder). Why are we focusing on a New Maps template? Well for starters we primarily work with larger RE companies that have Multiple RETS Feeds. We've found that when joining hundreds of thousands of listings the fastest way for the end user to search these listings is via a map search versus an "advanced search form". Why is that? Well for starters the maps search uses "clusters" to join multiple #'s of listings. We then limit the total number of results/pins that can be displayed so that no matter how many listings you are returning it will always load (quickly) the max# of listings - or - typically far less than the max# due the customer is only viewing a smaller geographical area and with some filters already added so speed is extremely fast compared to a advanced search results page. And on a side note* Let's talk about the future beyond January 2021, This is the year that we not only re-launch RP as revamped 5x "before the end of the year" but we're also branching out into another non-wordpress stand alone RE platform. Why is that? Well we feel that WP is fine for 98% of all RE website owners out there but we are looking to run our code from within a CRM stack that will allow us to then run our entire solution from within a fully integrated enterprise crm solution similar to kvcore etc. ... So .....without giving away too much info on that project our - #1 priority this year is a revamped RP5x release! Cheers!
  11. If you were like most of our customers using the older Galleria Slideshow on your listing details page then the latest Wordpress Update to their latest 5.6 version then you will probably notice that your slideshow is broken on the listing details page. This is the very simple "temporary" fix for everyone since to permanently fix this will require a lot of upgrades that we will cover in another How-To video later on when we replace the old slideshow code with an all new version/upgrade. First of all you will need to login to "Edit your Listing Details Page" then copy this below: <script type="text/javascript" src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-migrate-1.4.1.min.js" id="jquery-migrate-js"></script> Then Paste the code into the "Head Section" as shown in this image below:
  12. RETS PRO 4.1.5 Feature List

    To answer this - #1 there isn't a "feature comparison" of the old 3x version that we discontinued all support for 3-years ago. If you are still running that version then not only is it not supported but even the max version of php5.6 or if you have the very last 3x version it might be working with php7.0 and neither are supported by their own EOL. And to answer the #2 question - custom embedded shortcodes using async shortcodes for customers to filter their embedded results on the map - were never part of any release but were custom done and working only on your site by a programmer who couldn't ever get that feature to work as we intended so it was never supported by us and left out of any releases. If someone wants to embed maps via shortcode then "Yes" that's always been doable, but without any type of "sort-by" fields since that required async. You would need to pre-select the sort-by in the shortcode and then people viewing the embed would be able to use the "pagination" to scroll through that group of listings - Remember "shortcode embedded listings" should only be for smaller results. If someone wants to use our new Big map search template within several different pages and have it match up with predefined results - then that "IS" possible and we are going to make a few new map how-to videos for customers wanting to use it in that way. That's the only way that you will be able to match up to something similar to what you have - BUT - when using the full map then it is the same BIG full map only option and not some smaller embeddable map like the one you have. Of course with all of that said - you can always find a programmer on freelancer.com, or somewhere else, who can easily do whatever you want done since our code is not encrypted and its all cheap php/js/html/css code labor to have any of it customized. Hope that helps -
  13. This is yet another "Patch Release" to fix things broken due to Wordpress 5.5x. This release fixes the conflicts caused by the new Wordpress jquery version that apparently broke thousands of plugins and themes that were still using the older versions of jquery code (like us). NOTE:** If you are just now upgrading to this version and still needed to know more about the change log and updates then please visit our other post below for the 4.1.(3-4) versions. Cheers!
  14. RETS PRO 4.1.4 patch release to fix bugs created by our 4.1.3 release that were due to the WordPress 5.5 changes. NOTE:** The 4.1.4 Release will appear to be broken at first due to your browser cache - meaning that the Menu Link in wordpress admin will not appear to be working to open the plugin (simply open via your domain.com/wpradmin or open the website in another browser until local cache issues are resolved.) There is only one manual edit required if you are using the html " Homepage Quick Search. " You simply need to watch this video below to find the code within the html: (no audio) Within the html there is the following code near the top - <input name="page" type="hidden" value="searchresults" /> Just need to change the---- name="page" to name="mypage" Below is the older video version of where to find static layer to make edits - (access to static layer may very depending on the revslider version you are running.)
  15. We have solved the WP 5.5 problem now and have a new maintenance release forthcoming this Thursday Aug 20th - Please note = there will be a single edit required for anyone who is using our home page quick search and instructions and video will be coming with the new release. It has been brought to our attention that the latest Wordpress 5.5 release has broken our Search form submit that would normally take the customer to our Search-Results page - but for some reason its bouncing back to the search page again - If this is critical to your site working then either Do Not Update to 5,.5 yet or if you already have and would like to restore wordpress to 5.4 then this is how to proceed. NOTE: We are working on a maintenance release today and will post updates and release time ETA. This is a free easy to use plugin and as you can read from the reviews 5.5 has caused all sorts of problems for customers websites - https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-downgrade/ If you want to install this plugin then within wordpress you need to copy this into the search for plugin "wp-downgrade" and then download and activate the plugin and follow its instructions. Saved my day heloufirAugust 13, 2020 After upgrading my website to wordpress 5.5, the website is not working anymore, in the browser console I had a lot of errors including jQuery and Elementor errors. Thanks a lot for this plugin Awesome Help ViperBloodAugust 13, 2020 WordPress latest v5.5 sucks, all the images not showing, logo gone.this plugin save me to downgrade manually. Great work Brilliant devgainsAugust 13, 2020 Much easier than a manual downgrade. Also saved my skin after updating to 5.5 and breaking core components, this has give me more time for testing. WordPress 5.5 destroyed my site! MorphManAugust 13, 2020 Thank god for this plugin! After upgrading to WordPress 5.5 my website was a mess, obviously, Elementor hasn't yet sorted all of their bugs with this latest WordPress upgrade fiasco! Installed this plugin and rolled back to WordPress Version 5.4.2 - all working again. I Will upgrade to WordPress 5.5 after a couple of weeks - so plugin and theme developers can ironed out their bugs first! Many thanks Hermann MatthiasAugust 12, 2020 it works great and without any problems, many thanks, with this plugin YOU rescued my "IT-life"! es läuft sauber und völlig unproblematisch, vielen Dank, mit diesem Plugin hast du mir meine Arbeit von etlichen Tagen gerettet! Thank you fantastizAugust 12, 2020 Thank you for saving my site. WP 5.5 was a mess. Messed up my site so bad this plugin is really easy to use