Who, What & Why?


For over a decade, RetsPro has been an important tool to real estate website developers. Our software enables developers to build completely customized real estate websites for their clients without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars in custom programming costs. We’ve done all of the intense programming for them and provide a WordPress plugin that they can incorporate into their client’s sites and customize it all to their client’s specifications. We are the ONLY WordPress RETS plugin that allows users to own the code without additional monthly fees and expenses.


As we became more popular with developers, we started to be approached by individual Real Estate Agents & Brokers who were interested in having a custom RETS feed integrated into an easy to use website that would not cost them high monthly fees. As a response to these requests, we created our Wordpress based solution that can be easily managed and semi-customized. We provide templates, you customize it, add your content, provide your RETS credentials, and end up with a powerful search engine optimized MLS solution with NO MONTHLY FEES other than hosting.

Upon purchase, you will receive our basic DIY developers bundle/package….a 100% complete copy of our demo site as seen here –  –  We set your site up on your domain name with your MLS data on it according to your RETS credentials.   Additionally once the setup is complete,  you are then able to create UNLIMITED WEBSITES on UNLIMITED DOMAINS.

This software works with ALL RETS Providers. You can set up our plugin to work with any RETS provider that you have access to by simply following along with our YouTube How-To Videos.


If you’ve ever been caught up in the cycle of paying for a website, you know that you end up putting a lot of time, energy, and money into your site only to lose it all when you change providers. With our solution, you OWN your own site, you are your own RETS PROVIDER, you own all of you CONTENT.  Change names, change companies, change host providers and you LOSE NOTHING.

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SEO Benefits of RetsPro

If you’re “All About SEO” then you will certainly want to know this!
We have the ONLY real estate software solution that can do ALL the following options:

  • Custom Dynamic Listing Details Page: url, title, meta description, meta keywords, as well as dynamically generated “content”!! (no one else has this)
  • Ability to add http://schema.org Micro data tags to any fields anywhere you want them! (no one else has this)
  • Dynamic embedded Canonical Listing Details Page url that automatically follows your dynamic SEO url settings!
  • No conflicts with popular All in one SEO – or – Yoast SEO plugins.
  • Custom Site Map module for creating targeted listings submissions. (no one else has this)
  • Custom RSS feed for shortcode templates that Embed featured listings. (no one else has this)

So if you choose to go with any other  solution out there then your SEO will be handicapped compared to what we can do! Our background is in real estate SEO and we take it seriously!

What all is included with this purchase?

  • Our Developers License Bundle = Unlimited use and all modules, features etc
  • Complete “setup and installation” of our demo site on our server using your RETS data, including cron setup etc.
  • Free 60 days of Cpanel Hosting is automatically setup upon your purchase – afterwards you can continue to host with us for $20 per month.
  • You can Host the website(s) on your own hosting provider and you are NOT required to host with us!
  • Free How-to Support via Support Ticket, Forums, Phone, Email, Skype and our YouTube channel.
  • Free 20-gig “Cpanel Reseller Hosting” account allows unlimited everything except your max space = 20 gig.
  • Hosting comes with (1) cloned auto installer already set and ready to go so setting up new sites in less than 2 min!

What is NOT included with this purchase?

  • We only setup and develop these projects on our servers and NOT on any other 3rd party hosting.
  • We do NOT move websites off of our servers to 3rd party hosting for “Free” but we do provide a how-to-video.
  • We do NOT troubleshoot your 3rd party hosting issues for free but we can certainly assist you if needed. Our rate is $50.00 per hour.

What will you need to get started?

Two things: 1. Your domain name & 2. Your RETS credentials from you provider and/or local real estate board. That’s it!

  • Read our “How This Works” page for more details.

In general what you need to do is contact your local BOR (board of realtors) and inquire about the setup/monthly/annual fees for getting your own RETS credentials so that you can DIY your own Real Estate Website(s) using a Worpress plugin. Tell the BOR that you are going to use a free software called RETS Connector. Once they get you setup and approved then you are ready!

Note* If the RETS provider is one that we have already done in the past and have an archive setup of then the setup time is typically within 72 hours from the time you purchase. If we have not yet mapped your market, it can take up to 2 weeks to complete the RETS data mapping depending on our work load.

I already have my RETS credentials and I’m ready to buy so how do I get started?

You’re now ready to get the best DIY Real Estate solution setup so watch this video first and then hit the BUY NOW!

Got it! Now what?


Say goodbye to monthly website fees!

You’re now ready to get the best DIY Real Estate solution setup.

Watch this video

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