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Free Demo Test Website Available:

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Just Contact us and we are happy to provide you with access to the back end of our plugin so that you may access and test our mapping system as well as some other options available prior to purchase.

This is the current link to an older demo version that you can play with ( http://demo.livedemowebsite.com/wpradmin/  )


login - demo demo

This demo version already has some demo RETS credentials in there that connects to about 24k mock/dummy listings.


(888) 540-9996 - 9-5 / M-F Central Time Zone - Austin Tx.

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Sorry for the mix up of the phone number posted in this thread being the old number that we dropped about a year ago - I've updated the post to now show the same number to match what is on our "Contact Us" page and on the top of our https://retspro.com/ website.

as to the  

Are you guys still in operation?



lol .....yes.....as seen in the "Announcements" thread - above this one -

Here is a link to the recent Announcement from a couple of days ago - https://retspro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/705-rets-pro-304-released-and-ready-to-download/ -

Here is a link to a new video

made for customers to show you how to get installed and up and running via on a new installed clone site that ties in to a remote master db that we use when we build out multiple websites  -   and   -  I'm making all new videos right now so that we should have everything 100% updated with all new video documented step-by-step playlist by next week - of course I will allways do all tutorials live via Skype so that you can get your first project off the ground asap...so that's how we get you through your first project is via "Live Screen Share" 1-on-1 tutorials using your own RETS data, which will always be different than what we would use in our videos since all RETS are completely unique from one to the next.

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Updated the demo login information in the top post above - also added new "how to upgrade and setup the new maps module" video to the Announcements post. and my skype = webinjones

happy new year! ;)

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