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Bing Maps API insertion...

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Our templates allow for php and other code to be included within them, therefore you can pretty much do anything you want including calling in globals, functions from our core etc... So think of it as only limited by your creativity, imagination or your budget since everything is "viewable/editable source code" you can always just hire someone to build out the rest of your dreams ;)

The code we sell is basically the main essentials needed to get you as close to everything you need in a DIY. The code that allows you to get connected (via your rets credentials) to all RETS servers at a fraction of the cost of developing something like this yourself. The code also has many default features such as template driven dynamic css classes, id's and a nice set of default examples within our default templates that shows basic use of "conditionals" and other basic code.


Bottom line - most design features that someone may want to have custom built would range from as little as couple hundred bucks up to a couple of thousand bucks for something massive but the bulk of our client request have mostly been in the 300-600 hundred dollars range for building things out or adding in something like what you're wanting.

I also occasionally out source projects like this to places like freelancer.com and you can usually find someone at places like that who can do these basic task there for that price range.


Did this one myself http://beachrealtygroup.com using WordPress-MU and everything there is "stock-off-the-shelf-code" nothing but straight html and I did use some conditionals for some of the agent roster stuff but thats the only thing where i didnt use basic html at. ....oh and it also has agent sites http://jeff.beachrealtygroup.com on a different theme....We are still adding in additional content pages for them as well.....anyway just grab a copy and build it!   :D

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