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News Announcement.

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We are currently working out some of the details, but it looks like we will be working on a new web cms/crm/ standalone platform beginning Monday Aug 1st.

We intend to offer our RETS PRO Customers, as a separate buyable product, the ability to connect your current wordpress 4x site to a powerful back office intranet/crm via api.

The new solution will be a complete RE back office intranet codestack with everything al 'carte -
Buy and add in the modules you want/need like 3rd party api's including - Quickbooks - Skyslope - Dotloop - Twilio - Google - KvCore - Zoom - WhatsApp - RETS PRO - MLM/Recruiting - DocuSign - Dropbox - Wordpress User Sync - GravityForms - Leads Routing - Appointments - Accounting - ...etc etc.)

Bringing everything that a RE back-office needs into a common php stack  - Launch ETA 6 months.

Customer/Client Beta Login will begin in Sept 22.  New thread topic will be posted below when the demo site login gets created.

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