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RP plugin 4.1.8 Pending Release

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We are working on the next release to include a few features, upgrades that were not included within the last version.
(more coming soon about the list of items)

  • Adding in the agent import script as well as a couple of back-end template tweaks -
  • Adding new API connection documentation (allowing you to connect to your fav 3rd party solutions) -

In addition to that, we're also working on a new default template.
(few things to list below)

  • Adding in new forms to Show/Schedule Listing etc. -
  • Removing everything down to the bare minimum within template folder -

Check back weekly!
We will be posting more updates here over the next couple of weeks as we are working on our final reversions for the 4x version.


Side notes to our development projects - 
Many of you have been checking in to see what we are up to so I'll recap recent projects.

We've recently completed a massive new template project for a Florida client who needed to match the exact same features of their Real Estate Webmasters website. It took us about 90 days to do and test everything to their liking.

We're currently working with another company to build out their MLM recruiting portal (being built out on latest CodeIgniter) and we'll be tying it all into their 3rd party QuickBooks, Skyslope and their CRM.  -

So yeah - we've been doing custom code projects for over 18+ years so be sure to "Call Us" if you need something custom!

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Any update for us Eager Beavers? =D


Excited to get working on PHP 8.0+ 


I noticed 4.1.8 pending release was dated July 5, 2022, like 9 months ago, did you ever release this? I didn't see it.

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