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Happy 2021! (its got to be better than 2020 right?!)

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Here at RETS PRO our first priority this year will be to go through all of our RP plugin code to do all of the needed upgrades to the newest 3rd party code dependencies i.e. Bootstrap4, jQuery3, JS, PHP7x, CSS3 etc.  While we're doing these 3rd party upgrades we're also working on a completely New Default template set - AND -   New Maps Template!

We are especially excited to roll out a brand New Maps Template! (asap).

The new maps template will be a MAJOR upgrade to our current maps template as it will feature basic builder documentation as well as some custom embed options. For example - you will be able to add in your own custom drop down boxes via our current search form builder and then add them to the search form (trust me its cool and no one else has such a builder).

Why are we focusing on a New Maps template? 

Well for starters we primarily work with larger RE companies that have Multiple RETS Feeds. We've found that when joining hundreds of thousands of listings the fastest way for the end user to search these listings is via a map search versus an "advanced search form".  Why is that?  Well for starters the maps search uses "clusters" to join multiple #'s of listings. We then limit the total number of results/pins that can be displayed so that no matter how many listings you are returning it will always load (quickly) the max# of listings - or - typically far less than the max# due the customer is only viewing a smaller geographical area and with some filters already added so speed is extremely fast compared to a advanced search results page.

And on a side note*
Let's talk about the future beyond January 2021, This is the year that we not only re-launch RP as revamped 5x "before the end of the year" but we're also branching out into another non-wordpress stand alone RE platform. Why is that? Well we feel that WP is fine for 98% of all RE website owners out there but we are looking to run our code from within a CRM stack that will allow us to then run our entire solution from within a fully integrated enterprise crm solution similar to kvcore etc. ... So .....without giving away too much info on that project our - #1 priority this year is a revamped RP5x release!


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