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RETS PRO 4.1.5 Feature List

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We are currently using the RETS PRO old version(3.1.1) and we want to update it with the latest version(4.1.5). but we don't know the latest version features.

Also, we are currently using the below feature with the old version and we want to continue using this feature with the latest version. here is some example.

Property Listing
Property Detail Page
Neighbourhoods Map Page(https://prnt.sc/w4260f)
MLS Search Page(Advanced Search Page)

1. **Will the latest rets pro plugin provide above features?**

2. **Can you please provide demo?**

Please share all features list for the Rets Pro latest version plugin.

Also, Please share the document link where we compare the old version and the new version plugin features.


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To answer this - #1 there isn't a "feature comparison" of the old 3x version that we discontinued all support for 3-years ago. If you are still running that version then not only is it not supported but even the max version of php5.6 or if you have the very last 3x version it might be working with php7.0 and neither are supported by their own EOL.

And to answer the #2 question - custom embedded shortcodes using async shortcodes for customers to filter their embedded results on the map - were never part of any release but were custom done and working only on your site by a programmer who couldn't ever get that feature to work as we intended so it was never supported by us and left out of any releases.

If someone wants to embed maps via shortcode then "Yes" that's always been doable, but without any type of "sort-by" fields since that required async. You would need to pre-select the sort-by in the shortcode and then people viewing the embed would be able to use the "pagination" to scroll through that group of listings - Remember "shortcode embedded listings" should only be for smaller results.

If someone wants to use our new Big map search template within several different pages and have it match up with predefined results - then that "IS" possible and we are going to make a few new map how-to videos for customers wanting to use it in that way. That's the only way that you will be able to match up to something similar to what you have - BUT - when using the full map then it is the same BIG full map only option and not some smaller embeddable map like the one you have.

Of course with all of that said - you can always find a programmer on freelancer.com, or somewhere else, who can easily do whatever you want done since our code is not encrypted and its all cheap php/js/html/css code labor to have any of it customized.

Hope that helps -

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On 30/12/2020 at 8:51 PM, RETSPRO said:


Thanks for sharing the information.

Have you checked this screenshot? Screenshot: https://prnt.sc/wgo5y2

We want to display all properties in the specific boundary of the neighborhood describe in the screenshot.

Also, is possible the neighborhood map has a filter like a screenshot?

Do you guys have anything related to this?



On 30/12/2020 at 8:51 PM, RETSPRO said:



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