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RETS PRO version 4.1.4 - Patch release.

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RETS PRO 4.1.4 patch release to fix bugs created by our 4.1.3 release that were due to the WordPress 5.5 changes.

The 4.1.4 Release will appear to be broken at first due to your browser cache - meaning that the Menu Link in wordpress admin will not appear to be working to open the plugin (simply open via your domain.com/wpradmin or open the website in another browser until local cache issues are resolved.)

There is only one manual edit required if you are using the html " Homepage Quick Search. "

You simply need to watch this video below to find the code within the html: (no audio)

Within the html there is the following code near the top - 
<input name="page" type="hidden" value="searchresults" />
Just need to change the----   name="page"    to   name="mypage"


Below is the older video version of where to find static layer to make edits - 
(access to static layer may very depending on the revslider version you are running.) 

Edited by RETSPRO
Updated version release info

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