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RETS PRO version 4.1.0 - Released Today

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We have released the newest version 4.1.0 as of today.
* Important notes below to make sure that you are keeping up with all of the latest changes.

Basic Change Log For 4.1.0

  1. Added more time for license lookup to allow for developers to switch back and forth while using single site license key.
  2. Removed Global Maps Code shown below and moved to the tops of the map related templates.
  3. Moved some Admin Menu links around and renamed a few.
  4. Fixed installer.php file to correct field type causing error with some DIY hosting setups.
  5. Fixed a few minor admin area descriptions and css.


#1 - Template Changes.
(With this release you will need to make sure to do the following template edits so that your templates are working correctly.)

The following template changes are required now due to the fact that we have removed our global insert of these scripts and now only include them where the templates are actually calling for them - this will result in Better SEO Page Speeds and Scores!

Add the following code to the top of the templates listed below - or copy and paste from our newest default templates.
Note: ->  
replace the dynamic php path below if problem occurs with cache plugins.

// replace the dynamic php path below if problem occurs with cache plugins
$conf = \RPx\System\GetModuleConfig('MapSearch');
echo "<script type='text/javascript' src='https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?libraries=drawing%2Cplaces&key=".$conf['gmap_key']."'></script>";
echo "<script type='text/javascript' src='".$config['wpradmin_baseurl'].'/rpx/Modules/MapSearch/scripts/markerclusterer.js'."'></script>";
echo "<script type='text/javascript' src='".$config['wpradmin_baseurl'].'/rpx/Modules/MapSearch/scripts/oms.js'."'></script>";
echo "<script type='text/javascript' src='".$config['wpradmin_baseurl'].'/rpx/Modules/MapSearch/scripts/remote-map.js'."'></script>"; 
echo "<link rel='stylesheet' href='".site_url().'/wpradmin/'.$config['template_dir'].'/style.css'."' type='text/css' media='all'>";
echo "<link rel='stylesheet' href='".site_url().'/wpradmin/'.$config['template_dir'].'/css/fontawesome/css/font-awesome.min.css'."' type='text/css' media='all'>";
echo "<script src='".site_url().'/wpradmin/'.$config['template_dir'].'/js/control.js?ver=1.0'."' type='text/javascript'></script>";

Templates That Require The Above Code Added:

  1. your-template-name/listing_detail.php
  2. your-template-name/sc_templates/(all maps shortcode templates)


#2 - Important Note: Everyone Needs To Modify In Order To Get Listings Indexed Into Google etc:

Adding the following code to your Wordpress Child-themes/functions.php File. Failing to do so will prevent your listings from being indexed or added to any sitemaps.xml files etc so it's pretty important step needed to solve that problem.
(Due to wordpress now adding these globally & there are plugins to remove them as well but we like adding to the child theme.)

// Disable REST API link tag
remove_action('wp_head', 'rest_output_link_wp_head', 10);
// Disable oEmbed Discovery Links
remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_oembed_add_discovery_links', 10);
// Disable REST API link in HTTP headers
remove_action('template_redirect', 'rest_output_link_header', 11, 0);    


If You are also using Yoast SEO plugin -  then follow these instructions shown in this video;
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6smPGL4QQrQ&t )
And by adding the following code to your Wordpress Child-themes/functions.php File.


function remove_wpseo(){
    if (is_page(330)) {
        global $wpseo_front;

            else {
              $wp_thing = WPSEO_Frontend::get_instance();



Coming Soon in version 4.1.1

  1. Adding in more x2crm changes.
  2. Testing for php 7.3 & 7.4 version issues.
  3. Creating a very basic bootstrap default template and a new default matched enfold template in order to solve all default customer/theme setups.


Cheers and Happy New Year!



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