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RETS PRO version 4.1.0 - Beta Testing

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As of this post we are currently Beta testing our new 4.1.0 version.

So far we have eliminated all but (1) tiny - globally injected script in the footer needed for saving fav's/ and tracking purposes. 
We have also moved the registration template form into the default template folder so that you can customize it anyway you want.

We are testing out the newest changes to Listing alerts to make sure that the cron jobs are only sending alerts based on what the customer has configured and once that is complete then we will be creating new video documentation on all of the above.

In addition to the above items we have also found a few other minor bug items over the past few weeks that are getting sorted out prior to this release - such as shortcode Stats not working when tied into a remote master db and fixing our RETS photo downloader to include a few other image type/names other than just the few defaults that most RETS provider currently use.


Once the above is released then we are immediately diving into more integrations with our favorite CRM - x2crm - We will also include some step by step How-To's for converting Gravity Forms to also work with x2crm for those that are interested on how that is done.

Here are few items we will be working on with the 4.1.1 release

  1. New admin panel option to easily tie-in x2crm into your Wordpress site.
  2. New check box to enable our registration forms to also add contacts into x2crm as a "new contact".
  3. Option to add x2crm tracking code to all emails sent from our system. (listing alerts etc.)

In addition to the above we have outlined another important step for our RETS tool.

  1. Adding in a new check box for any secondary RETS data feed to auto generate a new set of tables.
  2. Adding in a new option in our shortcode builder to detect when more than one RETS ID's are present to then force a pre-select of either ID or "All" prior to showing the rest of the shortcode options - this is going to be needed to prevent human/agent errors and to also speed-up the shortcode builder when there are multiple RETS feeds in a single website.

The above multi-table option is really needed for customers who have many offices all over the state/country and or when people want to add sold data. This will not only make everything much cleaner and faster in the back end but also on the front end where shortcodes can simultaneously query multiple tables versus all data from a single table that can then get bottlenecked.


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After doing a ton of testing everything we think this is getting close enough to go ahead and make this release this week - - - - - -

There will be an extra step in the "upgrade" of this version from any previous version.
So unless this version is a "new install" please follow the following steps to ensure you have got the 2 db tables upgraded as needed.

  1. Go ahead and upgrade plugin first.
  2. Then deactivate Plugin
  3. Then delete the following (2) db tables [wp_realty_searchfavorite]  +  [wp_realty_active_mls_number]
    (no worries -  they are not going to break anything when deleted)
  4. Then delete our config file located within the root (typically within this path ->  public_html/wpradmin/config.php       
    (Note* be sure you're Not deleting your wordpress "wp-config.php" ...you'd be surprised at how often people fail to read.)
  5. Reactivate the plugin and now it will re-create the 2 deleted table to be correctly updated

We will be working on the clean and automated db updater for the next release. In the meantime we want everyone to be able to get things rolling right away with this newest version.

We plan on rolling out only code/file changes over the next several versions and we want to make sure everyone is upgraded properly - Note* again this is only for those that needed to upgrade from a previous 4.0.5+ to 4.0.9 and if you started with this 4.1 as your first version then you can ignore the above steps.

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