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RETS PRO version 4.0.9 - Released Today

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Version 4.0.8 - Has now been Released as Version 4.0.9 as of today

Primary Patch fixes include:

  1. Fixed CREA - RETS cleanup script.
  2. Fixed RETS image downloader that was only allowing (1) image per listing.
  3. Fixed Field Formatting Settings from showing fields with 0-zero as the value.
  4. Fixed Search form remote-db connection to include auto-suggest (was never connected for some reason).
  5. Fixed Short code builder issue with "count" value.
  6. Updated default template files and libraries to work with latest php-versions.
  7. Many other minor items were also fixed such as replacing more old WP Realty wordings to RETS PRO etc.

Coming Soon:

  1. Finishing off anything related to our current (default) template files.
  2. New changes to our Admin Menu.
  3. Move hard coded register/login popup template into the default/customer template folder to allow customization.
  4. Removing all globally inserted header/footer css/ajax/js etc. and only calling them when and where they are actually needed on pages that contain our code - this is being done in order to provide a better SEO score and speed throughout your wordpress website.
  5. Clean up all backend UI templates.
  6. Adding in New RPxCRM integration options to tie in API within our Admin/CRM Menu.
  7. Adding in new template selector and field selector (probably only Menu/Page placeholders in this next release.)
  8. Add in options for Gutenburg for shortcode embed button and new template blocks.
  9. Add Session checker that pops up warning if session has timed out.
  10. Add new option to create secondary listingsdb table for mapping sold data so not to commingle both within main db (view google-docs).

2019 Road Map:

  1. Fix Search form to load skeleton only and make each field wrapper to only load values when clicked into focus. (makes forms instant-load)
  2. Add new option to create secondary listingsdb table for mapping sold data so not to commingle both within main db (view google-docs).
  3. Make all our bootstrap templates stay within container (view google-docs).
  4. Full integration leads and user sync with RPxCRM
  5. Add in new Alerts as well as new installers closable to-do-list - all added to the top of Wordpress Admin area.
  6. much much more...but these are the top of the list items that we are sharing atm.

What's NEXT? - RETS PRO version 4.1 is already in the works right now and we will be focusing on our coming soon items 1-5.
This next follow up release will be coming out very soon (less than 2 weeks) as we are focusing on cleaning up our Registration Form for Listing Alerts and the customers saved LA settings. We're also focusing on code cleanup for better speed and SEO scores with this next pending release.

*Note - Everyone will notice that in this latest version that it will once again prompt you for your license key - Simply login to your RETS PRO client area and grab your license key and apply - If you have moved your site to another host and or domain name then simply re-issue your license key again and reapply and it should work as we have been testing this prior to this release to ensure there will be no issues with the key enforcements.

License Key Reminder -
Developers License is non-restricted usage.
Basic+Plus License is unlimited domains and only IP-locked.
Basic License is locked to a Single Domain and no Subdomains are allowed.

How to upgrade from really old versions to new version.
If you are upgrading from 4.0.7 or 4.0.8 then you won't have to do anything other than allow plugin to update via the normal plugin updater within wordpress. However if you are on anything older than that then you should open a support ticket and provide us with all of the login info so that we and perform the update for you as we have different procedures that are needed for really old versions and if you're running a non-supported 3x version then we do charge our 1-hr rate to do that upgrade at this point.

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