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I have watched a lot of the videos on your youtube channel and your product looks AMAZING!

The question I have though is there a live demo site somewhere?  I'd like to either login and play around if possible or perhaps links to some live sites?

Oh, and are there any coupon codes or specials now or in the near future?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Marie, 

Thanks you for the kind words and to quickly answer the question(s) - I forwarded you a few live sites via PM, as to a public login demo site I can only say that we will have one that you can login to with us via Skype = RETS PRO.  Otherwise we're currently working on our current demo link that I sent you that will soon show everything on the front end via live-examples along with the code formatted outputs to show [shortcodes] or {smarty conditionals} used to achieve the examples shown. Due to all the lockdowns required for a login type demo site we're not planning on getting to that until we have at least completed our new crm feature integrations first.

Be sure to call us if you want to do a live login together via Skype - and welcome to the forums!

(btw - I know I answered this already in the PM, but I thought I should also answer it here as well since others may have the same questions.)


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