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For those that love a Great Deal - should read this!

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*First of all we are HUGE fans of GNU/GPL and we do not recommend this as a way to circumvent other developers that need your financial support!



Most developers like to put their hands on as many plugins and themes as we can in order to try them out before we commit to spending money on them so this was a no brainer purchase decision for us and we are so glad we joined them as a paying member.


We decided to buy a annual license with GPLVAULT so that we would be able to test hundreds of GNU/GPL plugins and themes as well as other GPL software that may be needed for an upcoming projects where we needed something special like a gravity forms addon or some themeforest or codecanyon theme or plugin that might fit the bill.


Wow! is this even legal?
YES! - For several years we have included several GPL plugins and themes in our own download area - even had some disgruntled customer try to have our hosting provider take down our website for distributing commercially licensed plugins and themes that were in-fact ALL GNU/GPL and or Developer/Extended Licensed products - another idiot customer story for later.... but heck yes its LEGAL and LEGIT!


Remember though that if you DO find something that you plan on using over and over again in your own sites/projects then please consider buying the version from the developers so that you can help support them as well.


Go Check Them Out for yourself and see if you agree that is the BEST no-brainer purchase for the year!


Cheers -

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