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Assign Wordpress Categories to listings.

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The theme I'm using displays content on the front page based on category. For example, if I create a category called featured-listings-beach I'd like to be able to pull properties over that match a strict search criteria that may only pull a couple properties in and assign them to that category so the theme can display the properties featured image and title on the front page. Clicking on the image should take them to the listing. I've checked many other companies and they seem confused as to what I'm trying to do.



Is this something that RETSPRO can do? 

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There are (2) things to know regarding your questions -

#1 - We do not add listings into wordpress as post - we dynamically add them as pages -
meaning there is 1 physical page called yoursitename.com/listing-details(or whatever)/listing-mls# + (and whatever else here for seo).

#2 - We can embed any listings you want, based on any filters you want to filter by, anywhere on your website that you want to display them via our short code builder -
here is a link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxGgdDdobwIQPOCYIJshKhakYcP7thwR2 to our Short Code video-play-list.

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