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Is the full image base downloaded and stored where?

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Does this system use the images direct or download all to cloud or your own server?


Noticed some images are 600k while others or 20k.. are they thinned on the fly or brougjht in and made smaller (optimized) and stored locally for use.?

Is the entire data base downloaded initially and then only incremental updates or all done on the fly?


The demo seems broke.. is there another demo available?

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Images are downloaded only if you want to download them - images that are downloaded can be trimmed but if you do them as max size then they are going to be anything from thumbnail sized to your max sized set via the rets resolution settings available via your rets provider -  otherwise view our youtube channel and watch the hot link video where I take way to long to explain that process but it will give you an idea of what 99% of all of us do.

So whether you download or hot link you are always at the mercy of the moron who uploaded thumbnails for their listing - 

I don't have a current live demo site setup at the moment due to the programmer is in there adding in new polygon draw tools to our map search - but I can do a live screen share via skype or set one up this week if needed. 

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