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  1. New 4.0.7 version is available for download as well as auto update. There are 2 ways to upgrade: 4.06 to 4.0.7 #1 Normal plugin update via plugin updates within Wordpress Plugin Admin panel. *(recommended if upgrading from 4.0.6) #2 FTP instructions below (always make a complete site backup first either way) *(recommended if upgrading from 4.0.5) NOTICE - IF - You are updating from 4.0.5 or older you should probably have us to the update for you - open a support ticket with login information and someone will be happy to handle this as our schedule allows (can't do everyone at the same time ). FTP Method - As always -> Make your backups! First you will want to deactivate the older 4x version. Next rename the old plugin folder and or move it out of the plugin directory. Next unzip and ftp upload new version to plugin directory. Next take the following files from the unzipped folder and ftp overwrite to your-domain.com/wpradmin a. wp-realty/core/index.php - the index.php file is copied over to your-domain.com/wpradmin/index.php b. Optional is to also take and copy over the core/template/default – but not required – although you will most likely want to look over the newer map template located within the wp-realty/core/template/default/Modules/MapSearch/ We are currently working on the following within this 4.0.7 version: In this release you will see that we are now adding in a blue question mark (?) “Tool-Tips” throughout the plugin that will help to provide instant explanations and examples as well as direct links to our KB articles and or videos for expanded descriptions and explanations. (more of these will be coming with each new release). CHANGELOG 4.0.7 Fixed RETS to include open-house class data imports. Fixed Shortcode builder polygon maps issue. Fixed Maps Search polygon as well as preloader and added new limit settings. Fixed Shortcode builder showing non-used fields in output. Fixed Missing email templates table. Added New in-line tooltips for search form builder (a lot more tooltips coming soon). Fixed ability to include manually uploaded listings with independant image sources as well. A ton of minor cosmetic items (a lot more coming). ==== And last of all ... We are working on NEW hosting options and services for everyone - why? ...well from what we have seen over the 10+ years of doing this is that there seems to be a huge desire to DIY and OWN your code etc. - BUT - what we have found out along the way is that there are very few customers that have all of the required skill sets to do all of the things needed. Now offering the following options. (All of these are optional - you can always DIY everything yourself on your own hosting provider.) DIY-Hosting - Starting @ $20 per month....all the way to Dedicated Server. We just provide you with a RETS compatible hosting service that's geared towards Heavy RETS/Data usage. Managed - Starting @ extra $20 per month on top of your selected hosting package. We automatically take care of all your Wordpress/Plugin/Theme updates as well as manually take care of any RETS management/changes tweaks. (This is per single-site and single-RETS-feed and any "required" RETS changes needed will only be done per your forwarding to us the emails from the provider as there is no way for us to know what is needed otherwise.) Managed VIP - @ extra $100 per month (Available Jan. 1st - Contact us for more information.) Same as the above Managed - but we also include our own custom version of the X2CRM as well as a few other commercial plugins that we use. Also includes "Live" 1-on-1 consulting with you for up to (2-hrs) per month to help you to achieve your SEO goals as well as Lead/Marketing campaign management. All of the details and examples will be linked to on our website soon! This Managed group will also benefit from our beta testing of our New SEO/SEM Automated SEO content and Social Media Marketing tools. The value here goes well beyond the extra cost per month when you have automated task getting done and team of experts to lean on every month. ================================= Anyone interested in the New VIP hosting packages please give us a call @ 888-540-9666 as we are already transferring several older customers over to this new platform that's publicly available Jan. 1st. ================================= What's in store for our upcoming versions? (Here are a few bullets on what we are planning:) New Gutenburg Template Blocks!... as well as a few other related items. New UI for selecting templates i.e Listing Details, Search Results, Map Search etc. UI for matching up RETS fields to main template fields i.e beds, baths, price, sqft, etc etc. Adding in UI for Social Media signup/sign-in Fix Search Page to only load the search field wrappers and not load their data until clicked on (this will make search page load instantly) Isolate all our Bootstrap calls (something we are already working on to prevent 3rd party template/theme css conflicts) Testing with X2CRM user sync and web data tracking ( We have been testing X2CRM for about 7 months and love it! ) Have a great NEW YEAR! Cheers!