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  1. Google Search Ranking

    Does RETS PRO make any guarantees as to the website’s rank in a Google search? Ex. First page or “above the foldâ€
  2. RETS or Framed IDX

    When visiting a real estate website, is it possible to discern if the site is a framed IDX or if it’s a RETS site?
  3. Video

    I’m starting to see more narrated videos of properties listed in MLS. How do you handle video? Does video benefit SEO? What questions should I be asking regarding your solution and video?
  4. Questions & Answers

    Is it better to call to get the answers to questions?
  5. Domain Name

    Regarding SEO, does the domain name matter?
  6. I’m a drag&drop wysiwyger

    I don't know how to code. I’m assuming that if I were proficient at writing code I could be 100% creative. What % creative would you say I could be using your Word Press plugin?