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  1. Questions & Answers

    Is it better to call to get the answers to questions?
  2. RETS or Framed IDX

    When visiting a real estate website, is it possible to discern if the site is a framed IDX or if it’s a RETS site?
  3. Google Search Ranking

    Does RETS PRO make any guarantees as to the website’s rank in a Google search? Ex. First page or “above the foldâ€
  4. Domain Name

    Regarding SEO, does the domain name matter?
  5. I’m a drag&drop wysiwyger

    I don't know how to code. I’m assuming that if I were proficient at writing code I could be 100% creative. What % creative would you say I could be using your Word Press plugin?
  6. Video

    I’m starting to see more narrated videos of properties listed in MLS. How do you handle video? Does video benefit SEO? What questions should I be asking regarding your solution and video?