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  1. wpengine

    Do you know of any issues running your software at wpengine.com? Since developers have restricted access to various configuration components at wpengine do you have any documentation on how to get around that to implement your software?
  2. wpengine

    Dave, I don't know why, but I'm not able to send a PM. I was hoping I could receive one. Would you mind sharing with me which A2 Hosting plan you're using? Fran
  3. wpengine

    Dave, Please PM me. I tried your link to A2 Hosting, but your referral code appears to get removed when I arrive at the site. Fran
  4. Since the price is the same I'm wondering if these are really 2 different things. The description for Developers Package says · (1-year) of Download Access to all files/updates. *Additional yearly access can be purchased at any time for only $ 80 dollars. The description for Developers Bundle says Grab everything we currently have as well as all future releases for the one time price above! This also includes access to all of our commercial 3rd party WordPress Themes and plugins – a $300+ value! Are they really different purchases for $1299? If not, which description is correct?
  5. migrating to https

    If a site is going to migrate to HTTPS, do you have a recommendation whether to do it before or after implementing your software?
  6. wpengine

    Thanks for your suggestions, Dave. Thanks for also mentioning in another thread that Siteground does not allow PDO extensions. They were on my list of hosts to consider. Fran
  7. wpengine

    Who do you suggest as a good host for a WordPress site with RETS Pro?