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  1. I believe they're currently offering different versions of RetsPro + hosting for a solid price. May have to ask about current offers for that as they vary monthly.


    As a third party host, we've used Amazon (no cpanel and more tech intensive) and currently use A2HOSTING (great options for shared hosting). Feel free to follow our link to give us credit... but there are other good ones out there too. http://www.a2hosting.com/refer/85764





    Please PM me. I tried your link to A2 Hosting, but your referral code appears to get removed when I arrive at the site.



  2. Since the price is the same I'm wondering if these are really 2 different things.


    The description for Developers Package says

    ·          (1-year) of Download Access to all files/updates.
    *Additional yearly access can be purchased at any time for only $ 80 dollars.


    The description for Developers Bundle says

    Grab everything we currently have as well as all future releases for the one time price above! This also includes access to all of our commercial 3rd party WordPress Themes and plugins – a $300+ value!


    Are they really different purchases for $1299? If not, which description is correct?