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    I know - I tried. I have the Turbo one. Have 2-3 other clients on it too. You can chose the base one and upgrade from there. A good add-on is the railgun once you're live. That's a great tool. And if you get serious traffic, you can add on the performance bump too. We are working with them to get the memcached component working but that's been a plugin issue we're trying to resolve. Actually have their support working with us on it - very good team over there. Once that's done, I can share results with you in case you're interested in the future (that's the last think to worry about for your site).
    Hope that helps.
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    Talega Systems reacted to HavasuGeek in You guys are the best!   
    I was having several issues and contacted them via skype and we were able to fix the issue very quickly. I love this plugin and would recommend it to everyone. Thank you again for helping me. I'll be able to launch the new site tomorrow. You're the best!
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    Talega Systems reacted to homesinpa in wpengine   
    Yeah, not a fan of them either (for this type of site) because they limit certain types of caching, etc. Love their model BUT they control too much for a system like this from what I've discovered.
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    Hope you're doing okay - I'll be sure to pass this along to anyone who calls us - and if you have anyone who needs confirmation about this being legit just have them call me -