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  1. Obviously I would recommend "us" if you're just needing to host a few sites and not needing a 3:am live chat fix for something - otherwise if you need something more robust and 24/7 humans to talk to then there are plenty of more expensive hosting providers out there to choose from.

    If you are looking for a VPS then you will need to be aware that YOU are still responsible to login to it and then recompile Apache to your desired specs and then also add in your own firewall/settings yourself just like you would on a dedicated server......something most people are not even aware of when they are getting started with a VPS.

    We currently lease bare metal servers from a couple of the cheapest bare metal providers out there, and since we do all our own IT setups ourselves we are only relying on them for the hardware support and Not any Software/OS support so no-need to have 24/7 support for anything other than confirming power outage issue or some other issue preventing the server from connecting on their end. We also buy Cpanel licenses from a License Vendor and with a Cpanel License you can actually submit "server related software issues" as a Support ticket directly to Cpanel and they will then login to your server to solve that FOR FREE!   -  So no "managed server fees" required if you can get your own VPS or Dedicated servers configured yourself and running with Cpanel License.

    If anyone is wanting to go with a VPS and or Dedicated Server then please be aware that you will 99% of the time still need to recompile them to beef them up from their default settings to be able to handle larger RETS data transfers or it will simply time out or run out of available memory. This can sometimes be managed via local php.ini file but not always, and in some cases you will need to open up a specific TCP (port) to be able to connect to the RETS Servers. To be able to Open TCP ports then you will typically need a firewall installed and we use the FREE one called "Configserver".

    SO - a quick summary on this topic;

    For all the above reasons we started offering FREE 60-days of hosting on our servers with any purchase so that everyone can get started on their project the same day they make their purchase. Then once we determine what is needed to be able to manage that RETS, we can make recommendations so that you are not over paying for hosting you don't actually need - in fact many customers are running off of shared 10 to 20 dollar a month Godaddy and Bluehost etc. All depends on what you want to do.

    I typically recommend a cheap dedicated server and cpanel license on a server with at least minimum 4+ gig ram and 140+ gig SSD drive (processor type/speed isn't as important as Memory and SSD don't go with old 5400 or 7200 speed hard drives as they are 100 times slower than SSD).


    We also can take care of setting up any servers/vps OS to be compiled to handle the largest RETS and install the firewall etc for a flat one-time fee of $100 for those out there that need this done for them -

    So that's my 2 cents on this - anyone else wants to weigh in on this?

  2. okay.....our plugin doesn't have anything to do with videos and or SEM and video marketing.


    Personally - videos are #1 fastest way to rank something on page 1 of google - but that's another topic thats pure SEO and not RETS related but I would certainly make full use of blackhat SEO on to any youtube video because there won't be any penalty for doing so and you can even use a couple of sites out there that for about max 15 dollars per video can easily rank it onto page #1 as long as its not extremely competitive - in fact as soon as I get the time I will be making a promotional RETS PRO video and doing that very same tactic as I have done dozens of times over the last 10 years. The difference for me though is that I want something that will be valid and not outdated within the next 12 months because then I'd have to start over with a new video so I have been holding off until everything but the CRM is polished off and then I will be doing all the above using blackhat seo to do it.


    Cheers -

  3. If you were a web developer then you would already know the answer to this is YES - it's as easy as hitting F12 on your keyboard and then ctr-F and inter "iframe" to search the webpage source code for any iframes - but that is as far as that will get you - you would also be able to view source code to see what they are most likely using by looking at the head and footer code to see what and where the scripts and css files are coming from to narrow that part down even further.


    Cheers -

  4. No idea as to which specific "pre-sales product or service" you are asking about here -


    NO product or service will be able to legitimately make such a claim as to any "guaranteed" positions on google searches for anything other than your "company name" might be the exception to that.

    All our plugin is guaranteed to do is provide you with indexable Listings - ."Period" beyond that then the rest is purely up to you for SEO.

    As to our SEO services then that is something that every SEO service would need to know what the phrase is that you need to rank for and then determine the competition and estimated time and hrs to beat them to get you site to out rank them - so no black and white answer to that without more info provided.


    cheers -


  5. hilarious thread topic ;)


    I would say then that you'd probably want to have us hand off the site already completed, other than your own content and admin panel/UI related stuff.

    Then your only ongoing responsibilities 


    DIY requirements that fall back onto you.

    1. New Content would be added to the site by you and you can use any of the included shortcode templates to do that and or modify them to create new ones. (videos)
    2. Anytime the RETS provider sends you an email about changes to old RETS fields or adding new fields or switching to a new/different RETS provider, then you would need to login and tweak as needed yourself via our videos/forums or hire us/someone to tweak as needed.
    3. Listing images are the same as the RETS data - they may need to be re-sourced - again with videos/forums etc.
    4. Both of the above can sometimes trigger hosting tweaks needed to the php.ini and or my.cnf and or TCP (ports). (most hosting co. accommodate or have how-to's)

    There are other things that can occur, but for the most part, you can typically go without any tech stuff needed more than once or twice over a 2-3+ year period.

    I would highly recommend that you run at least 2 sites though (one can be a free.subdomain) so that you can always have a developers version of your live site that you keep in maintenance mode and not allowing it to get crawled/indexed (you don't want duplicate content SEO issues). Then with this second site is where you do all of your trash-testing and learning how to do all the above DIY stuff.


    When you're ready for more info give us a call or via Skype = RETS PRO
    Cheers -

  6. There are (2) things to know regarding your questions -

    #1 - We do not add listings into wordpress as post - we dynamically add them as pages -
    meaning there is 1 physical page called yoursitename.com/listing-details(or whatever)/listing-mls# + (and whatever else here for seo).

    #2 - We can embed any listings you want, based on any filters you want to filter by, anywhere on your website that you want to display them via our short code builder -
    here is a link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxGgdDdobwIQPOCYIJshKhakYcP7thwR2 to our Short Code video-play-list.

  7. Well you can ask any web developer and they will all agree that the best thing to do is to always take a copy of your site and move it to another test domain so that you can do all of your testing - so - that being said then I would do that first and the easiest way is to use the duplicator plugin. Once you have that done then it wont really matter which way you go forward with your upgrades/testing since all things would be resolved there first.   

  8. Images are downloaded only if you want to download them - images that are downloaded can be trimmed but if you do them as max size then they are going to be anything from thumbnail sized to your max sized set via the rets resolution settings available via your rets provider -  otherwise view our youtube channel and watch the hot link video where I take way to long to explain that process but it will give you an idea of what 99% of all of us do.

    So whether you download or hot link you are always at the mercy of the moron who uploaded thumbnails for their listing - 

    I don't have a current live demo site setup at the moment due to the programmer is in there adding in new polygon draw tools to our map search - but I can do a live screen share via skype or set one up this week if needed. 

  9. Since we do not offer Refunds, other than as described here, we do offer the option to re-sell your license here via posting your contact information in the forums - FREE.


    Just Post your contact information and how much you'd like to get for your Developers License - Work out all of the details with the buyer and let us know if we need to answer anyone's questions and we'll be happy to assist. 


    We will stand behind the transaction, fully supporting the New Developer Licensee just as if they bought the License directly from us!

  10. If you are just getting started for the very first time - or - have made changes to the server or hosting and now have problems connecting to the RETS server then this is the way to go about testing to find out what is going on - 

    1. Test RETS creds here - http://retsmd.com - if they work then next step below - if not - contact Board of Realtors.
    2. If credentials worked on retsmd.com then download retsmd https://github.com/t...hive/master.zip and install folder and test connections again on your local domain/server to verify that your RETS credentials still work - or not - If RETS credentials work on retsmd.com but NOT on the local retsmd script then we know that you need to open the following TCP in/out ports 6103 & 8080  - OR - Verify that the Board of Realtors isn't IP locking your credentials - (yes most boards already whitelist the retsmd.com IP so that's why it may also work there but not on your host) - Once we've confirmed that your creds >>"work"<< in the local retsmd script it should 100% be working with our script as well - if not then we will need you to open a ticket and provide us with creds so that we can have our team resolve the issue (which is extremely rare that it would be our script but I have seen it happen a couple of times over the last few years where we've needed to make a tweak for some RETS providers so it is possible but first we need to eliminate the other possibilities)

  11. Sorry for the mix up of the phone number posted in this thread being the old number that we dropped about a year ago - I've updated the post to now show the same number to match what is on our "Contact Us" page and on the top of our https://retspro.com/ website.

    as to the  

    Are you guys still in operation?



    lol .....yes.....as seen in the "Announcements" thread - above this one -

    Here is a link to the recent Announcement from a couple of days ago - https://retspro.com/forums/index.php?/topic/705-rets-pro-304-released-and-ready-to-download/ -

    Here is a link to a new video

    made for customers to show you how to get installed and up and running via on a new installed clone site that ties in to a remote master db that we use when we build out multiple websites  -   and   -  I'm making all new videos right now so that we should have everything 100% updated with all new video documented step-by-step playlist by next week - of course I will allways do all tutorials live via Skype so that you can get your first project off the ground asap...so that's how we get you through your first project is via "Live Screen Share" 1-on-1 tutorials using your own RETS data, which will always be different than what we would use in our videos since all RETS are completely unique from one to the next.

  12. You need to have the following server settings/options configured:
    Supported web servers: 
    Apache, LiteSpeed, Nginx, Lighttpd, IIS, WebServerX, uWSGI

    php7.4x max
    cURL support = enabled
    allow_url_fopen = on
    Recommended settings for your ->  php.ini file. (or user.ini file) depending on your host.
    error_reporting = E_ALL|E_NOTICE|E_STRICT
    display_errors = Off
    log_errors = On
    memory_limit = 256M
    max_input_vars = 20000
    max_execution_time = 300
    max_input_time = 600
    upload_max_filesize = 100M

    And for using maps you may need to go ahead and add these to the php.ini file as well.

    MYSQL MariaDB latest version as long as it that matches PHP level shown above.
    You MUST disable strict mode! - If you attempt to install and get an activation error then this may be the reason!
    If you are on a vps or dedicated server then you will typically need to do this in 2 places = phpmyadmin as root under variables link (google it) and also in the etc/my.cnf  and then reboot mysql and it should be good to go.
    (if you're on a managed hosting then they typically already have "Stric" turned off as we do on our servers.)
    Next you will possibly need to open up TCP ports if RETS connection fails and or you have any of these "Numbers" within your RETS connection url.
    TCP -  6103  |  6160  |  8080 
    * example url: http://rets.torontomls.net:6103/rets-treb3pv/server/login
    Next are (3) of the plugins we typically use to troubleshoot support tickets with... you may want to give them a try.
    (used for quickly seeing your actual server/hosting settings so that you can troubleshoot settings)
    (used for a simple phpMyAdmin/Mysql panel access to view/alter the database tables)
    (used to gain FTP access to "all files" from the website)

  13. Just Contact us and we are happy to provide you with access to the back end of our plugin so that you may access and test our mapping system as well as some other options available prior to purchase.

    This is the current link to an older demo version that you can play with ( http://demo.livedemowebsite.com/wpradmin/  )


    login - demo demo

    This demo version already has some demo RETS credentials in there that connects to about 24k mock/dummy listings.


    (888) 540-9996 - 9-5 / M-F Central Time Zone - Austin Tx.

  14. No watermark requirements then we could easily pick from at least 6 or more media servers to hot-link from - if you wanted to...or feel free to download them...personally if I can find a reliable media source then I just go with that until I'm "forced" to download as that would be my absolute last choice every time...unless were talking less than 5k to 8k listings or something then I could maybe see doing those as downloads....but still my last choice.

    We did CREA Canadian Real Estate Association last year - downloaded all 100k+ listings and images - images took nearly 2 weeks to get them all caught up since there were so many changes every hour.....and with CREA you have to download them since they are NOT Rets compliant.

  15. Our templates allow for php and other code to be included within them, therefore you can pretty much do anything you want including calling in globals, functions from our core etc... So think of it as only limited by your creativity, imagination or your budget since everything is "viewable/editable source code" you can always just hire someone to build out the rest of your dreams ;)

    The code we sell is basically the main essentials needed to get you as close to everything you need in a DIY. The code that allows you to get connected (via your rets credentials) to all RETS servers at a fraction of the cost of developing something like this yourself. The code also has many default features such as template driven dynamic css classes, id's and a nice set of default examples within our default templates that shows basic use of "conditionals" and other basic code.


    Bottom line - most design features that someone may want to have custom built would range from as little as couple hundred bucks up to a couple of thousand bucks for something massive but the bulk of our client request have mostly been in the 300-600 hundred dollars range for building things out or adding in something like what you're wanting.

    I also occasionally out source projects like this to places like freelancer.com and you can usually find someone at places like that who can do these basic task there for that price range.


    Did this one myself http://beachrealtygroup.com using WordPress-MU and everything there is "stock-off-the-shelf-code" nothing but straight html and I did use some conditionals for some of the agent roster stuff but thats the only thing where i didnt use basic html at. ....oh and it also has agent sites http://jeff.beachrealtygroup.com on a different theme....We are still adding in additional content pages for them as well.....anyway just grab a copy and build it!   :D

  16. You are not required to download images to your server unless the BOR watermarks them with you company info.

    The only seo advantage for listing images is to use the alt and link descriptions, which both are dynamic in our system....anyone wanting to actually rank for "listing images" aren't typically going to find that those are people looking to "buy real estate" and therefore I'd take Google's advice and do a CDN and then just hotlink the listing images for making page loads even faster and thus ranking better - Even when forced to download I would download all images to a single account and then hotlink all my other sites off of that single source (thus proving that unless images are watermarked with your ID then no need to download)

  17. I don't know of any plugins or themes that are not compatible with our plugin -BUT- I do know that you can not change the wordpress db prefix from "wp_" to anything else besides the default. Other than that I've not seen or heard of any issues with any other themes/plugins.

    The reason we should never have any conflicts is due to the fact that our header/footer code is inserted/controlled by you and our code is only inserted into the pages where our {page-tags} are inserted