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    NEW(s) Update.

    New Changes Coming! First off we'd like to welcome Mike back to RP! Next - We're going to be slowly re-structuring RP into a lighter faster version of itself as we'll be removing anything out other than the code required to retrieve and display data. All other CRM/Lead Router type features will be available via connecting our New API to any 3rd party CRM/Marketing solution you want to use. We've already begun working with adding in a new reso-api connector as well as updating to all of the latest libraries and php8x. Be sure to join our New Affiliate Program! (Link and more info coming in our next update)
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    RETS PRO 4.1.5 Feature List

    Yes - we're back into the development here again :)
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    2024 News.

    After a long hiatus, (working on another code project) we're finally getting back to this plugin for our planned updates. What's coming first - as in right away before anything major. #1 - Latest php8x compatibility. #2 - Updating all 3rd party libraries to newest versions for, js, css, etc. After this is one we will be rolling out the rest of previously planned upgrades. #1 - New core templates. #2 - New rets api integrations. #3 - New API for connecting to our other New Back Office CRM software first - then including the API documentation to be able to connect this to any 3rd party solutions you want to develop on. All of the above is primarily for existing clients - after we complete the list then - That's it - We're Done! ...other than maintenance. Nothing else is planned or scheduled for this project due to the over-all-decline of DIY clients "capable" of setting up and managing everything needed to run their own RE website. When we originally launched this project, way back in 2008, it was for our own "in-house" SEO Company. We needed to provide our RE customers an SEO edge over their competition - We spent so much time/$ developing the plugin that we decided to modify it to include an UI for other web developers to be able to also use what we had created - Since then, and years later, others tried to build something to compete against us like Realtyna, Estatik - Now they're both struggling to remain viable. In fact, this has become such a micro-niche market, that we've already gone on to build out another "SaaS" solution that's hopefully going to be the Next #1 Disrupter to all of the other Real Estate Tech Silos out there. More coming soon -