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    New For 2023!

    Our Patch release delayed another week to do more updates needed as we are pushing for PHP 8.1 compatibility atm. As to the RETS PRO website "relaunch" - that's nearly ready to push out as we're almost done with the matching seo url/path fixes via htaccess so its happening "sometime" this month. As to everything else -> Major Money Being Spent On Programming! Currently Beta Testing our BrokerSumo clone as well as beginning our testing with API's now to connect it with - QuickBooks, Dotloop, Skyslope, DocuSign and Dropbox. Officially in the middle of Forking (3) different GNU - GPL Solutions (more on this soon). Forking (2) very large solutions right now with over (7) fulltime developers/programmers working on code projects over the next few months. More updates/announcements - coming soon!