RETS PRO version 4.1.7 Just released.

The 4.1.7 release changelog.PLEASE NOTE - THIS VERSION MUST BE MANUALY DOWNLOADED AND INSTALLED! New Stuff. Added new UI within admin for setting limits on the "wp_realty_updated_listings" table. (default setting to auto purge everything older than 180 days) Added new file path to our wp-realty.php file to allow developers to store the new ... Les mer »

7de Apr 2022
RETS PRO 4.1.5 patch release

This is yet another "Patch Release" to fix things broken due to Wordpress 5.5x. This release fixes the conflicts caused by the new Wordpress jquery version that apparently broke thousands of plugins and themes that were still using the older versions of jquery code (like us).   NOTE:**If you are just now upgrading to this version and still ... Les mer »

15de Sept 2020
RETS PRO 4.1.4 patch release

RETS PRO 4.1.4 patch release to fix bugs created by our 4.1.3 release that were due to the WordPress 5.5 changes. NOTE:**The 4.1.4 Release will appear to be broken at first due to your browser cache - meaning that the Menu Link in wordpress admin will not appear to be working to open the plugin (simply open via your or open ... Les mer »

11de Sept 2020
Wordpress 5.5 has broken a TON of website plugins including a couple of items with our own plugin.

Your site should be rolled back to Wordpress 5.4 as per this forums notice - We are now busy working on a maintenance release (along with several other plugin developers) to address all of the issues caused by the new 5.5 version and will only be focusing ... Les mer »

13de Aug 2020
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