Note* All Current and Future Modules listed below are already included with the $999 Basic License Purchase.

  • Developers Package
    – unlimited use –
  • $2999
  • This has been discontinued – and we will be replacing this with a different type of IP licensed option in the near future – or contact us if this is something needed right now as we will try to accomodate based on what we are about to roll out as the replacement.
  • Basic license w/2-site keys
    – Bundled Package –
  • $999
  • Best Starter Value! Grab the Basic license w/(2)-site keys! bundled together with all modules currently available plus all future module releases for the one time price above! This also includes access to all of our commercial 3rd party WordPress Themes and plugins – a $300+ value!
  • RETS PRO Plugin
    + Multi-RETS Module +
  • $499
  • RETS PRO Plugin Includes Basic license w/1 site key + Worlds ONLY Multi-RETS Software – includes all standard features – but – does NOT come with any other modules listed on this page.The only RETS tool that’s 100% guaranteed to work with all RETS providers!
  • Map Search Module
    – unlimited use –
  • $399
  • Comes with everything you need to display your already geocoded data on Google maps. If you need your listings geocoded check out our Geocode Module that can geocode all of your listings all the time for free.
  • Geocode Module
    – unlimited use –
  • $99
  • If you need your listings geocoded then this “Geocode Module” is all you need to add to our plugin so that it can geocode all of your listings all the time for free.

  • Listing Alerts Module
    – unlimited use –
  • $199
  • Comes with customizable email templates as well as some other custom settings so that you will always know when customers are getting notifications via bcc and cc options.
  • Forced Registration Module
    – unlimited use –
  • $199
  • NOTE* Now Included within the core plugin as included core feature and no longer an addon module. “Comes with everything needed to setup forced registration popup on your listings details page.”

  • User Sync Module
    – unlimited use –
  • $99
  • NOTE* Now Included within the core plugin as included core feature and no longer an addon module. “RETS PRO user/sync module that comes in handy when you want to sync RETS PRO users into WordPress – “
  • Automated Drip Mail Module
    – unlimited use –
  • $299
  • This module allows you to select all of the criteria you want and then queries the database and formats it all into a custom paginated xml site map template.
  • CRM Module
    – unlimited use –
  • $499+
  • This is the starting price of the first CRM beta version – I can assure you that this price will nearly double by the end of 2017.
  • Compare Listings Module
    – unlimited use –
  • $99
  • Comes with everything you need to add the compare listings feature to your wordpress real estate theme! Cool features allows up to 4 listings to be compared as seen on most of our demo sites.
  • Custom Sitemap Module
    – unlimited use –
  • $99
  • This module allows you to select all of the criteria you want and then queries the database and formats it all into a custom paginated xml site map template.
  • CSV XML Import Module
    – unlimited use –
  • $99
  • This is our custom CSV XML module that allows you to easily match up your data files with our database making for a seamless data import.
  • License Keys
  • $499
  • Purchase Additional per-Site/Domain License Keys Here!
  • Coming Soon
    – unlimited use –
  • $99
  • More Modules Coming Soon!


What and how do "site license keys" work?

We are now providing a “low cost” way for website Developers to get started with our new 4x RETS PRO plugin.

Either start with the
Basic License – RETS PRO Plugin w/RETS Module for only $499
Basic License – Bundled version includes all current and future Modules for only $999!
*Planning on doing more than 4 or 5 websites? Check out our Developers License!*

Once you make the purchase you will then need to install the plugin and add the license key to complete the activation and setup.

Q- What happens if you want to change sites that are keyed?
A- No Problems!  If at anytime you decide to change the domains that the keys are bound to then all you will need to do is login to our client area and reset the key(s) to bind/set on next site installed and done.

Q- What if I want to add more sites?
A- No Problems!  If you need to add more sites then you are able to purchase additional license keys for only $299 each.

Q- What if I decide later on that I want to upgrade to a Developers License? Do I have to pay that full price and buy it separately?
A- No Problems!  We will discount either the $499 or the $999 package from the upgrade cost – but not the cost of individual modules or additional licenses that were purchased separately.

Are there additional costs?

No additional cost “required” – but – you can always grab another “12-months-access” to the downloads again for only $80.00 dollars, which will always include the latest version of WPR3x as well as various other commercial themes and plugins.

Access to everything else will always remain “FREE” so you’ll always have free access to the forums and client area(s) forever.

Support Included?

Yes – “Support” is most definitely included!

Along with all of the videos and documentation comes “Live Support”.  Depending on which purchase you make, it shows you how many hours of support are included with your purchase – but – Regardless we’ll work until all of your questions have been answered and your system is up and running correctly.

After you initial setup is up and running and you desire to learn how to do more advanced projects then the FORUMS would be the place for additional FREE and general support.

In addition to normal support tickets, email, phone – (512) 879-1993 – we also use and prefer Skype.

Additional support can always be paid for in within our cart area – HERE.

What about Refunds?

Due to the nature of our product being delivered to as a non-encrypted with no type of license key requirements, we have no-way of turning off our product and therefore we only offer this:

Refund policy:

When you make a purchase here at RETS PRO ™ you will have already agreed to this Refund policy which was posted in the shopping cart as the “check-box” for “TOS Agreement” as well as on our website. Below is our Refund Policy that you hopefully read prior to your purchase. The reason for this policy is due to the fact that we are selling a 100% non-encrypted software with no license key or callbacks in it.


We offer a “Conditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee” on RETS PRO ™ Products.

To begin with, your purchase comes with a “Minimum (2+) hrs of Live Screen Share Tutorials via Skype” and a “guarantee” that we will troubleshoot your initial setup for FREE. –  NOTE* this means we only do your “first setup only” and does not include any additional projects our your future server upgrades, moves etc. We do offer paid for support whenever its needed HERE.

We always offer standard 12/24 trouble ticket support for confidential issues only.

If you’re having problems getting the product to work after something was changed by either your host or RETS provider or you would like to know how to do more advanced code, then we invite you to use our VIP forums section for assistance. All posts to the forums will be answered by either a knowledgeable developer/programmer or one of our staff.

If the above isn’t simple enough and you’re determined that you want a refund regardless of fact that this product works for everyone else etc..then below is hard-line response.

If you are having difficulties with any of our products, you are REQUIRED to contact Support to attempt to work out the issues before a refund will be issued. *We will issue the refund ONLY if we cannot get it to work as represented in our online DEMO(s).

Refunds may be issued No-Later than 30 days following any purchase.

Refunds will NOT be issued for any of these types of reasons –
“I have tried it and I’ve decided I’m not going to use it after all “.
“This doesn’t work like I thought it did”
“I thought this came with MLS”
“etc.” I think that most of you see where this list could go on and on, but most of you get the point.

If you request a refund with an excuses similar to one of the examples posted above, then you may be reading this for your very first time. You may have never bothered to read the TOS that you agreed to during your purchase checkout process or as posted on our website, but once we receive your refund request you may be sent here to “re-visit” the agreement that you made during your purchase checkout process.

We state clearly in many areas of our website exactly what the requirements are for all our products as well as giving you public access to Live Demos, and if you still aren’t sure then click on the Contact page and “Call Us Before-You-Buy!”

NOTE* – We strive to resolve all client server/side issues with all of our products as a “FREE” support service to be included with any purchase….If we determine though that this is not possible with your current server configuration then we require the host providers contact information in order to correct the issue with them directly. If for any reason we are not able to get things resolved with them then we would definitely offer a refund at such time.

There are simply NO-EXCUSES for requesting refunds for anything other than the above or a “failure-to-make-work” as shown in our demo(s) – period.