RETS PRO™ WPR 3.x Developers Bundle w/Default Setup.

The product you are about to purchase is currently being used by hundreds of other web developers around the world and is the exact same code we use ourselves. This Purchase includes Developers License Bundle +PLUS+ we install/setup and map out all of the MLS, build/setup your quick search and advanced search forms, and adjust our templates to fit within your WordPress Theme. Here’s an example of our basic mapping and default theme [Basic Mapped Demo “LINK being updated”] FREE additional (2) hrs of “LIVE” Tutorial Support Included!* -> *via Skype. Just think – A 100% working WordPress website complete with automated updated MLS listings and everything ready for you to start adding in your content. All of the this comes with ZERO monthly fees “paid to us” – and –  you actually OWN all of the code! Contact us for more information and live examples of default setups and additional services we can offer you. Developers Bundle Comes With:
  • Unlimited “Developer” License.
  • 100% unencrypted code.
  • NO license callbacks!
  • (2) hrs Setup/Support Included!
  • 10+ (responsive) WP themes.
  • SVN access to nightly builds.
  • Private Members Only Forum Access.
  • Priority support ticket system.
  • (1-year) of Download Access to all files/updates. *Additional year of access can always be purchased at any time for only $ 80 dollars.
Pay only once to own the code for life; (Saving you 10’s of thousands of dollars/hrs in development cost.) No Logo or Product Branding Requirements; (Read License* summary = “can’t sell as competing software” but you can rebrand and call it whatever you want.) Works with All RETS Providers; (We 100% guarantee connection and data transfer of all RETS Providers in all North America*) Remember…. We are providing you with the tools that you will need to easily connect to all RETS providers* and download all of their available data into your WordPress website “automatically” via cron job, which can be set to update as often times-per-day as you like. This means that while we are responsible for the code, features, etc. we are not responsible for your “design challenges”. That being said,  we do provide you with basic html templates that include auto-dynamic css id’s and class’s names for everything as well as simple to use template zone tags {Remarks} and custom { listing field=’name-here’} and conditional tags {if {!listing field=’Baths’}} etc. so that these design challenges are easily overcome by any competent website developer. ——————————————————————– *Possible that things may change by RETS. ISP, HOST, providers etc. and IF this ever happens we guarantee a fix will be made ASAP! **We do NOT provide you with RETS Login Credentials, these must be obtained on your own or from your client. [/two_col_75_25_col1] [two_col_75_25_col2] [pricing_column type=’v4 title=’Developer Package’ price=’1499′ currency=’$’ price_period=’/d’ link=’http://retspro.com/clients/cart.php?a=add&bid=2′ button_text=’Purchase’ active=’no’] [pricing_cell] Includes “Developer Package” + Setup & Mapping RETS data. (2)-hrs Changes/Tweaks included! Completed Project is zip/archived. [/pricing_cell] [/pricing_column] [/two_col_75_25_col2]