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RETS PRO Version 4.0.5 - Now available for download!

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This post is a quick post announcement to let everyone know that we have finally completed the 4.0.5 version.


We are currently in the process of cleaning and repackaging it today and will be releasing it late Friday/ or early Saturday if needed -  along with all of the new packaging that will be included as mentioned below.


Here is what you can expect.

  1. THIS IS NOT a drop in update to any previous 3x, 4x version!
    THIS IS NOT a version that should be dropped into a existing live customer site! This is perfect though to start a NEW site with as it will be updateable. 
    THIS IS NOT an export rets script from older 4x and import into this version compatible version (YET) - it is doable but currently requires a hand edit to a table which we will make compatible in the next release so you may want to wait for that and or at least wait for my written instructions on that part.
  2. This new downloadable version will be a COMPLETE version with all Modules already installed within the plugin.
  3. There will be a NEW COMPLETE demo site that will also be included within the download section either tomorrow or later this weekend. This will come as a easily installable Duplicator Archive and video to walk you through the entire installation process.
  4. The new version will require a license key that will be found within your rets pro customer area and for developers licensed customer we will be adding in new product-key to your account. There are already at least 2 license keys in every basic license customers account and you will need to use one of them in order to login. Developers License keys are not locked to a domain but will be auto locked to the IP - Do not fear we have thought this out and you will be able to generate unlimited license keys but you will only need (1) per IP address so essentially (1) key per server allows you to use the same key server wide. This will allow you to manage your customers as well since you will now be able to turn off any unauthorized keys.
  5.  What NOT TO EXPECT Tomorrow is all of the documentation and videos that are needed to complete all the feature setups - those will be coming in the order that they are needed i.e New installation and how-tos for all basic setups and configurations will be produced and added to our KB first and then we will be doing the how-tos for the extended features like Listing Alerts, Forced Registration, Custom Template and SEO tweaks etx after all main videos are uploaded.

Hopefully, everyone will not try to open up support tickets all at the same time, but if you do please be aware that any how-to's will be copy paste replies and no personal 1-on-1 support will be given until we have completed the bulk of our new documentation/videos.


We fully expect this version to fly through several patch updates over the next few months and YES all updates will be doable within the plugin manager like any other plugin. There are several new patches planned over the next few weeks so you may want to wait to download this until later when its actually needed for a project. We are using this version on every new site setup now ourselves and have commited the version to our new 4.0.5 SVN so you can have confidence that this is the stable version we are going forward with.


Final Note*
I know many of you will ask about the status of the CRM project now that we are getting this released - The short answer is that I have the programmers working on 2 other (private) features atm that will take them about a month to complete (don't worry they will eventually become part of RETS PRO as well) but as soon as they deliver that then they will be back onto the basic CRM module again. We are all looking forward to that so that we can call the 4x project "done".....well other than expanding on features and fixes.


We are super excited to roll all of this out for all of you and we think (hope) that everyone appreciates all the effort that went into this and what is still to come this year!

This product is finally getting to the point where all of the setups and installations as well as self-support are all on autopilot. By that we mean that everyone will have a downloadable fully functioning demo site with 100% of everything already done (other than mapping rets out) and ready for you to start any website project on your own without needing anyone to help you* (*other than unknown RETS configurations/settings/issues not covered in our videos ).

By the end of next week any of our hosted customers will also be able to auto install clones with one click right from their client area - same for new customers who may want the free 60-day hosting - they will be able to auto install our demo clone onto our server to instantly spinn up a new developer site with one click anytime they want. (more on that late next week)


We will be updating this post as soon as the downloads are made available!

Cheers -


UPDATE - Now Available for download in client area! Requires Key so if you have one use it and if you don't then open support ticket and we will added as needed.

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July - 2nd - 2018
Quick follow up to this - we didn't realize how many people were waiting for this so its taken us a bit longer than expected to accommodate everyone's support tickets and we are still trying to catch up!

Today were also working full speed ahead on the new demo site that will be downloadable as a ready-to-go duplicator zip archive minus the listings being shown - which are currently connected to a master remote-db for display purposes only.

We will have this demo dialed in and with gtmetrix scores and everything we can tweak by the end of the week latest - then we will make this "Demo.v1.0.0" in the downloads area along with how-to-install/setup videos.

Thanks for your patience as we wrap things up!
The new 4.0.6 is already on the SVN getting ready to make that patch release by the end of the week as well so look for that in your local plugin update notifications within next week. (only 2 bugs were found in 4.0.5 so far #1 with adding offices in RETS that was solved as well as #2 the search form builder had a path issue when using the additional search form shortcode-id's) Those along with some more minor template tweaks are already fixed and posted to SVN.

I will be posting the NEW demo site url here within next few days!

Cheers -

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