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UPDATE: March 9th 2018 - 2018 Road Map -

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Posted 27 November 2017 - 07:34 PM

2018 Road Map
We're currently working to replace all of the old MBX related code and changing all of the file/folder path structure as well so that nothing previously coded using MBX will be part of our core code going forward and -then- we hope to go ahead and deliver on our "very basic" CRM as soon as we get this next core update completed.
Q > How will this affect my current website?
A > We don't foresee any issues at all since we're only parsing {pagetags} with the current code so then they will all still parse as they always did but with cleaner code.
Our main 2018 goal this year will be to refine all current features to work as they were initially intended to and then we will be adding all sorts of features and changes needed for our New basic CRM that we're working on.
Best Holiday Wishes to you and yours - Looking forward to a GREAT 2018!
UPDATE: March 9th 2018
We have now completed removing MBX folder and code from the /wpradmin folder and have broken the code out and back into the core plugin where it should have always been in the first place.
We've also completed testing on New saved favorite Listing/Searches Alerts and I have attached a screen shot to show what saved searches look like for customer portal below. Once we complete the newest additional features (New Option to Select any RETS Field to be hidden unless the user is logged-in) we will be ready to release this latest version.
ETA on next release - 1 to 2 weeks hopefully by Friday the 16 or no later than Friday the 23rd.
**If you are a new Customer Signing up with us - We will be using our newest version to do your setup with since it's already set to be "auto-updated" upon newer releases as they come out, so no-worries on having to re-do anything!

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