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New 4x Beta coming soon!

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Posted 28 May 2017 - 05:15 AM

As we enter June we will be releasing our new 4x beta version to some of our chosen programmer/developer clients. They are ready and waiting to begin to help us with basic beta testing over the next couple of weeks to see if they can break anything and also give us professional feedback. I just finished mapping one of the worst RETS I've seen in a while using the new 4x version and I think I may have teared up when after completely mapping over 100+ fields and hiding over 100+ fields in the fires Residential Class, that everything was already 99% done when I opened each additional property class - was a huge time saver!

In the mean time we have already begun to work on the new 4x second phase that will include our own crm solution - We'll let you know more as we complete each new feature. ..........But in the mean time!


Feel Free to bypass our CRM entirely by simply tying in you favorite form builder into the UPICRM Plugin - then pre-route the leads with upicrm based on custom trigger to any accounts anywhere you want via its own push method - all done for FREE so no need to wait on us  ;)

Our own goals for this are more Pro-Realtor solution than just simple crm stuff as we want to fully integrate follow up automation options triggered by "time" AND "data" changes, complex lead routing options and auto drip campaigns. Looking to also auto poke users similar to zillow does etc.......basically all of the things that cannot be done with any of the 3rd party CRM stuff unless paying for it to be "custom done/integrated" by them, and then that's not going to be with out monthly fees either.  And yeah, we're definitely going to setup a page similar to how upicrm does so that we can auto-detect and map-in your favorite Wordpress form builders into our system as well.   

Our plan is to deliver an integrated solution that delivers everything that our own broker clients are wanting first, and yet still gives all of you a great starting point to build anything else custom that you want, as there is no-way to make everyone happy with all of the 3rd party options currently out there. Once we get past this year I would imagine all of next year will be nothing but new features and tying in all of the top 3'rd party options we can to continue to add value to the software.

That's the key difference between 3rd party versus all local solution is that there are always going to be pros and cons no mater what way you go but at least YOU can build ours into whatever you can dream up!  

We never got into the business of developing and selling RE software as our "main income" but instead it was developed out of a necessity to accomplish the Real Estate Website SEO projects for our own SEO company clients. - That said - What we build is still 100% based on what our own Broker/Company project clients ask, and pay, us to custom build for them. What we sell here on this website is then a by-product of that effort so that all other "web site developers and programmers" (key words there) can have their own starting point for their own custom project builds.

Have a great weekend!

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Posted 07 June 2017 - 03:35 AM


** Update - Tue - 6/6/2017



I've done over 15+ new 4x installs over the last 2-days and looks like we are getting ready to release this as a "beta" release by end of this week(end)!


*Notes with this first beta release - 

  1. It is NOT going to be an upgrade to your current 3x!  - Yet -  We will create an upgrade script "after" we complete all beta testing.
  2. This is NOT something you should start your own new project with unless you know how to assist with trouble shooting - thus "beta" status! - We can't help you troubleshoot your stuff until we have spent enough hands-on hours using the code ourselves.  We're currently only supporting the 4x for a handful of custom site projects we've taken on.
  3. This > IS < super cool to download and begin testing with! - I've really enjoyed testing and creating this new 4x version and now that the core is already 98.5 % there its time to share this with the rest of you guys to get some feedback -


I still need to do 3 things before this is released -

  1. Add 2 or 3 new setup videos to cover the basics -
  2. Add in some new in-line tool tips documentation examples - 
  3. Create a new 4x forums thread -

So ....Stay tuned! 

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