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New Release Update Information:

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 09:14 PM

I spent the weekend working with the old server that had all of the RETSPRO.com data on it I was able to recover everything - Thank you all for being patient and I will try to import the latest threads over to this forums this week - but first for an announcement.


What's the plan for 2017?


First of all - Version 3.1.2 
Mike is currently working on the next release to include the following upgrades:

  1. HTTPS - almost completed
  2. php.7 - already fixed
  3. mysql strict mode compliant - this week
  4. new UI panel for adding option to push child-site-db into master-parent-db (for people needing to join multiple-db's into 1-single-master-db)
  5. some bug fixes missed from last release 

After the 3.1.2 release Mikes working to get the Listings Alerts and Forced registration modules released -



New 4x version coming soon - 

I have outlined a new 4x version a few months ago and I have been rehashing things for several weeks with Dinesh and Mike and we will be moving forward next week with the beginning of a major overhaul of our current version and thought I should share whats coming with everyone.

To start with we will be converting the current Admin template into a much more robust Admin template - one that will allow us to incorporate all of the latest greatest and much more expandable to handle all of the cool features I want to bring into the Admin area like a custom drag drop dashboard with leads, charts, stats etc


Next we are going to rewrite the worst part of the current plugin which is our search form builder so that its a default responsive swiss army knife of options with easy to customize css layout w/ ajax options etc. -  so no-more custom hand editing required...unless you just want to.


Next we are going to upgrade RETS module to include a couple of more in-line features - such as adding custom pricing formatting to any selected fields as well as converting those pesky Y/N fields that RETS push 0/1 as the values back into a Y/N value ....and a few other items Dinesh wants to update.

Next we are going to get all of the templates and modules/feature extensions all into one place so that its nice and neat expansion of our current file/template/module manager and will give you a FTP/custom file editor option as opposed to having things in 2 places like we currently have.


UPDATED - added this screenshot Feb-10th to show everyone progress on the 4x version




Now what about a CRM?


I'm seriously considering taking the UPICRM plugin from http://www.upicrm.com/ and forking parts of it into a new CRM module - Dinesh/team are looking it over to see if its worth forking or just using what we've already started on......but either way its coming and already put into the 1st quarter budget.


I can also tell everyone that prior to the new CRM release we will be adding in to our UI the option to push all user registrations into the Wordpress user_db table instead of ours so that everyone can take advantage of all of the Wordpress users options that other plugins can help you to enhance customer build outs that request using 3'rd party plugins like mailchimp - constant contact etc


and what about the ETA? .....as long as it takes....should see new Admin Template showing up within about 4-6 weeks and everything other than new CRM should be completed within 60-90 days.

Anything missing? I'm sure I've forgot to mention a few things but feel free to chime in below as I will be moving this thread to regular forums section as soon as we make the 3.1.2 release.



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Added 4x screen shot

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Posted 02 March 2017 - 04:11 AM

Check out the newest 4x video -

New Update on 4x Search Form builder - https://www.screenca...om/t/ZvdAzvPUkl

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