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  1. July - 2nd - 2018 Quick follow up to this - we didn't realize how many people were waiting for this so its taken us a bit longer than expected to accommodate everyone's support tickets and we are still trying to catch up! Today were also working full speed ahead on the new demo site that will be downloadable as a ready-to-go duplicator zip archive minus the listings being shown - which are currently connected to a master remote-db for display purposes only. We will have this demo dialed in and with gtmetrix scores and everything we can tweak by the end of the week latest - then we will make this "Demo.v1.0.0" in the downloads area along with how-to-install/setup videos. Thanks for your patience as we wrap things up! The new 4.0.6 is already on the SVN getting ready to make that patch release by the end of the week as well so look for that in your local plugin update notifications within next week. (only 2 bugs were found in 4.0.5 so far #1 with adding offices in RETS that was solved as well as #2 the search form builder had a path issue when using the additional search form shortcode-id's) Those along with some more minor template tweaks are already fixed and posted to SVN. I will be posting the NEW demo site url here within next few days! Cheers -
  2. This post is a quick post announcement to let everyone know that we have finally completed the 4.0.5 version. We are currently in the process of cleaning and repackaging it today and will be releasing it late Friday/ or early Saturday if needed - along with all of the new packaging that will be included as mentioned below. Here is what you can expect. THIS IS NOT a drop in update to any previous 3x, 4x version! THIS IS NOT a version that should be dropped into a existing live customer site! This is perfect though to start a NEW site with as it will be updateable. THIS IS NOT an export rets script from older 4x and import into this version compatible version (YET) - it is doable but currently requires a hand edit to a table which we will make compatible in the next release so you may want to wait for that and or at least wait for my written instructions on that part. This new downloadable version will be a COMPLETE version with all Modules already installed within the plugin. There will be a NEW COMPLETE demo site that will also be included within the download section either tomorrow or later this weekend. This will come as a easily installable Duplicator Archive and video to walk you through the entire installation process. The new version will require a license key that will be found within your rets pro customer area and for developers licensed customer we will be adding in new product-key to your account. There are already at least 2 license keys in every basic license customers account and you will need to use one of them in order to login. Developers License keys are not locked to a domain but will be auto locked to the IP - Do not fear we have thought this out and you will be able to generate unlimited license keys but you will only need (1) per IP address so essentially (1) key per server allows you to use the same key server wide. This will allow you to manage your customers as well since you will now be able to turn off any unauthorized keys. What NOT TO EXPECT Tomorrow is all of the documentation and videos that are needed to complete all the feature setups - those will be coming in the order that they are needed i.e New installation and how-tos for all basic setups and configurations will be produced and added to our KB first and then we will be doing the how-tos for the extended features like Listing Alerts, Forced Registration, Custom Template and SEO tweaks etx after all main videos are uploaded. Hopefully, everyone will not try to open up support tickets all at the same time, but if you do please be aware that any how-to's will be copy paste replies and no personal 1-on-1 support will be given until we have completed the bulk of our new documentation/videos. ALSO - NOTE** We fully expect this version to fly through several patch updates over the next few months and YES all updates will be doable within the plugin manager like any other plugin. There are several new patches planned over the next few weeks so you may want to wait to download this until later when its actually needed for a project. We are using this version on every new site setup now ourselves and have commited the version to our new 4.0.5 SVN so you can have confidence that this is the stable version we are going forward with. Final Note* I know many of you will ask about the status of the CRM project now that we are getting this released - The short answer is that I have the programmers working on 2 other (private) features atm that will take them about a month to complete (don't worry they will eventually become part of RETS PRO as well) but as soon as they deliver that then they will be back onto the basic CRM module again. We are all looking forward to that so that we can call the 4x project "done".....well other than expanding on features and fixes. We are super excited to roll all of this out for all of you and we think (hope) that everyone appreciates all the effort that went into this and what is still to come this year! This product is finally getting to the point where all of the setups and installations as well as self-support are all on autopilot. By that we mean that everyone will have a downloadable fully functioning demo site with 100% of everything already done (other than mapping rets out) and ready for you to start any website project on your own without needing anyone to help you* (*other than unknown RETS configurations/settings/issues not covered in our videos ). By the end of next week any of our hosted customers will also be able to auto install clones with one click right from their client area - same for new customers who may want the free 60-day hosting - they will be able to auto install our demo clone onto our server to instantly spinn up a new developer site with one click anytime they want. (more on that late next week) We will be updating this post as soon as the downloads are made available! Cheers - UPDATE - Now Available for download in client area! Requires Key so if you have one use it and if you don't then open support ticket and we will added as needed.
  3. *Disclaimer: *First of all we are HUGE fans of GNU/GPL and we do not recommend this as a way to circumvent other developers that need your financial support! Most developers like to put their hands on as many plugins and themes as we can in order to try them out before we commit to spending money on them so this was a no brainer purchase decision for us and we are so glad we joined them as a paying member. We decided to buy a annual license with GPLVAULT so that we would be able to test hundreds of GNU/GPL plugins and themes as well as other GPL software that may be needed for an upcoming projects where we needed something special like a gravity forms addon or some themeforest or codecanyon theme or plugin that might fit the bill. Wow! is this even legal? YES! - For several years we have included several GPL plugins and themes in our own download area - even had some disgruntled customer try to have our hosting provider take down our website for distributing commercially licensed plugins and themes that were in-fact ALL GNU/GPL and or Developer/Extended Licensed products - another idiot customer story for later.... but heck yes its LEGAL and LEGIT! Remember though that if you DO find something that you plan on using over and over again in your own sites/projects then please consider buying the version from the developers so that you can help support them as well. Go Check Them Out for yourself and see if you agree that is the BEST no-brainer purchase for the year! Cheers -
  4. RETS PRO Developer License

    NOTE* - June/5/2018 - Almost ready to release this 4.0.5 version, but there will be some changes for both developer license holders https://retspro.com/products/developer-license-packages/ as well as basic license version which will be now be fully ioncube encrypted. We will also be making a few minor amendments to our current Commercial License to reflect these and other changes to both types of Licenses to make things CRYSTAL CLEAR as to what can and cannot be done with the SOFTWARE. ALL 2x, 3x, and 4x SOFTWARE sales that were sold as a Developer License in the past 10 years will remain RE Brandable and can always be used ONLY for a SERVICE that you provide to your own customers and CAN NOT be re-sold and or distributed as a Commercial PRODUCT. Our Developers License clearly states the following: Developer License: Grants a license for the use of a single developer on unlimited number of applications except packaged commercial products. You may install the SOFTWARE on more than one computer as long as the SOFTWARE is used solely by the licensed developer. You must purchase a separate license for each individual developer. Why the reminder about the License? Well lets just say that we are currently monitoring a couple of websites that appear to be on the verge of violating our Commercial License. Example of allowed usage: A web development company wants to develop websites for their customers and use their developers licensed software to build unlimited real estate sites - Allowed! Example of NOT allowed usage: A web development company wants to rename our software and or develop software that's a packaged/bundled with our software and sell it as a PRODUCT - Not Allowed! -Cheers-
  5. Obviously I would recommend "us" if you're just needing to host a few sites and not needing a 3:am live chat fix for something - otherwise if you need something more robust and 24/7 humans to talk to then there are plenty of more expensive hosting providers out there to choose from. If you are looking for a VPS then you will need to be aware that YOU are still responsible to login to it and then recompile Apache to your desired specs and then also add in your own firewall/settings yourself just like you would on a dedicated server......something most people are not even aware of when they are getting started with a VPS. We currently lease bare metal servers from a couple of the cheapest bare metal providers out there, and since we do all our own IT setups ourselves we are only relying on them for the hardware support and Not any Software/OS support so no-need to have 24/7 support for anything other than confirming power outage issue or some other issue preventing the server from connecting on their end. We also buy Cpanel licenses from a License Vendor and with a Cpanel License you can actually submit "server related software issues" as a Support ticket directly to Cpanel and they will then login to your server to solve that FOR FREE! - So no "managed server fees" required if you can get your own VPS or Dedicated servers configured yourself and running with Cpanel License. If anyone is wanting to go with a VPS and or Dedicated Server then please be aware that you will 99% of the time still need to recompile them to beef them up from their default settings to be able to handle larger RETS data transfers or it will simply time out or run out of available memory. This can sometimes be managed via local php.ini file but not always, and in some cases you will need to open up a specific TCP (port) to be able to connect to the RETS Servers. To be able to Open TCP ports then you will typically need a firewall installed and we use the FREE one called "Configserver". SO - a quick summary on this topic; For all the above reasons we started offering FREE 60-days of hosting on our servers with any purchase so that everyone can get started on their project the same day they make their purchase. Then once we determine what is needed to be able to manage that RETS, we can make recommendations so that you are not over paying for hosting you don't actually need - in fact many customers are running off of shared 10 to 20 dollar a month Godaddy and Bluehost etc. All depends on what you want to do. I typically recommend a cheap dedicated server and cpanel license on a server with at least minimum 4+ gig ram and 140+ gig SSD drive (processor type/speed isn't as important as Memory and SSD don't go with old 5400 or 7200 speed hard drives as they are 100 times slower than SSD). We also can take care of setting up any servers/vps OS to be compiled to handle the largest RETS and install the firewall etc for a flat one-time fee of $100 for those out there that need this done for them - So that's my 2 cents on this - anyone else wants to weigh in on this?
  6. Video

    okay.....our plugin doesn't have anything to do with videos and or SEM and video marketing. Personally - videos are #1 fastest way to rank something on page 1 of google - but that's another topic thats pure SEO and not RETS related but I would certainly make full use of blackhat SEO on to any youtube video because there won't be any penalty for doing so and you can even use a couple of sites out there that for about max 15 dollars per video can easily rank it onto page #1 as long as its not extremely competitive - in fact as soon as I get the time I will be making a promotional RETS PRO video and doing that very same tactic as I have done dozens of times over the last 10 years. The difference for me though is that I want something that will be valid and not outdated within the next 12 months because then I'd have to start over with a new video so I have been holding off until everything but the CRM is polished off and then I will be doing all the above using blackhat seo to do it. Cheers -
  7. Questions & Answers

    Always better to call or to use skype = RETS PRO
  8. Domain Name

    If the phrase can be matched with the domain then always try to go with that first - but at the end of the day its always about SEO efforts that win the day for ranking anything. Cheers -
  9. RETS or Framed IDX

    If you were a web developer then you would already know the answer to this is YES - it's as easy as hitting F12 on your keyboard and then ctr-F and inter "iframe" to search the webpage source code for any iframes - but that is as far as that will get you - you would also be able to view source code to see what they are most likely using by looking at the head and footer code to see what and where the scripts and css files are coming from to narrow that part down even further. Cheers -
  10. Google Search Ranking

    No idea as to which specific "pre-sales product or service" you are asking about here - NO product or service will be able to legitimately make such a claim as to any "guaranteed" positions on google searches for anything other than your "company name" might be the exception to that. All our plugin is guaranteed to do is provide you with indexable Listings - ."Period" beyond that then the rest is purely up to you for SEO. As to our SEO services then that is something that every SEO service would need to know what the phrase is that you need to rank for and then determine the competition and estimated time and hrs to beat them to get you site to out rank them - so no black and white answer to that without more info provided. cheers -
  11. While we are waiting on another round of refining the new beta version this week I thought I would go ahead and finally clean up our master default template set and upgrade all of the templates and throw out all of the stuff that is no longer used. As a result, here are some of the new changes already completed as well as what we are working on this week: NOTE* In the new Default templates we have moved all of the needed css into the top of each template. This will make it easier to find and modify until you merge it into your own master style.css file(s) - We want to get the newest templates to only load what is needed on a per-page basis so that we are not stuffing the header or footer with more than needed for each page which should cut down on page load sizes. Re-Worked the current maps template to now place the search bar right below the header and then convert it to toggle down on mobile so that its out of the way. This means now that it has been re-worked that it is also much easier to modify into any design layout you want by re-using the html/css into any layout you want. Added a new Sticky-Bar quick search that toggles down to show the advanced search form. This is also something that has been requested many times and is now going to be part of the core Default template set and the new Downloadable Master Demo Site that we will be including for download in the client area to help developers jump-start their websites with fully functioning demo site that is ready for you to put in your RETS and complete the install/setup to look like our own live demo site. Adding in a few new template layout choices in the new version as well - will be loading a couple of videos to cover all of this by the end of the week and will update the post with the embedded videos when they are done. **On a final note - It looks like we should be done with the beta and releasing it as 4.0.5 this week and the guys should be ready to jump back over to the CRM by next week. We have also got some really fantastic new features coming for our managed hosted customers as well ......more about that coming soon! We also feel that we will have finally surpassed (all other solutions) regarding "embeddable website features", with way more front end features/options than anyone else out there. We feel that we are easily able to claim to be the #1 BEST SEO-able real estate software solution that you can put your hands on! No other solution out there even comes close to being able to do all the SEO/SEM things that we can do with this software, especially when it comes to dynamic, automated and easy to use html/css templates. Cheers -
  12. I’m a drag&drop wysiwyger

    hilarious thread topic ;) I would say then that you'd probably want to have us hand off the site already completed, other than your own content and admin panel/UI related stuff. Then your only ongoing responsibilities DIY requirements that fall back onto you. New Content would be added to the site by you and you can use any of the included shortcode templates to do that and or modify them to create new ones. (videos) Anytime the RETS provider sends you an email about changes to old RETS fields or adding new fields or switching to a new/different RETS provider, then you would need to login and tweak as needed yourself via our videos/forums or hire us/someone to tweak as needed. Listing images are the same as the RETS data - they may need to be re-sourced - again with videos/forums etc. Both of the above can sometimes trigger hosting tweaks needed to the php.ini and or my.cnf and or TCP (ports). (most hosting co. accommodate or have how-to's) There are other things that can occur, but for the most part, you can typically go without any tech stuff needed more than once or twice over a 2-3+ year period. I would highly recommend that you run at least 2 sites though (one can be a free.subdomain) so that you can always have a developers version of your live site that you keep in maintenance mode and not allowing it to get crawled/indexed (you don't want duplicate content SEO issues). Then with this second site is where you do all of your trash-testing and learning how to do all the above DIY stuff. When you're ready for more info give us a call or via Skype = RETS PRO Cheers -
  13. Assign Wordpress Categories to listings.

    There are (2) things to know regarding your questions - #1 - We do not add listings into wordpress as post - we dynamically add them as pages - meaning there is 1 physical page called yoursitename.com/listing-details(or whatever)/listing-mls# + (and whatever else here for seo). #2 - We can embed any listings you want, based on any filters you want to filter by, anywhere on your website that you want to display them via our short code builder - here is a link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxGgdDdobwIQPOCYIJshKhakYcP7thwR2 to our Short Code video-play-list.
  14. Developers Package vs. Developers Bundle

    Thank you for pointing this out - I have adjusted the wording to now match the word (Package) and yes they are the same thing.
  15. wpengine

    Okay for the record wpengine is not compatible due to they either they don't allow crons or they wont beef up the php.ini (I can't remember which one but you must have both options )