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#4181 New Release Update Information:

Posted by RETSPRO on 09 January 2017 - 09:14 PM

I spent the weekend working with the old server that had all of the RETSPRO.com data on it I was able to recover everything - Thank you all for being patient and I will try to import the latest threads over to this forums this week - but first for an announcement.


What's the plan for 2017?


First of all - Version 3.1.2 
Mike is currently working on the next release to include the following upgrades:

  1. HTTPS - almost completed
  2. php.7 - already fixed
  3. mysql strict mode compliant - this week
  4. new UI panel for adding option to push child-site-db into master-parent-db (for people needing to join multiple-db's into 1-single-master-db)
  5. some bug fixes missed from last release 

After the 3.1.2 release Mikes working to get the Listings Alerts and Forced registration modules released -



New 4x version coming soon - 

I have outlined a new 4x version a few months ago and I have been rehashing things for several weeks with Dinesh and Mike and we will be moving forward next week with the beginning of a major overhaul of our current version and thought I should share whats coming with everyone.

To start with we will be converting the current Admin template into a much more robust Admin template - one that will allow us to incorporate all of the latest greatest and much more expandable to handle all of the cool features I want to bring into the Admin area like a custom drag drop dashboard with leads, charts, stats etc


Next we are going to rewrite the worst part of the current plugin which is our search form builder so that its a default responsive swiss army knife of options with easy to customize css layout w/ ajax options etc. -  so no-more custom hand editing required...unless you just want to.


Next we are going to upgrade RETS module to include a couple of more in-line features - such as adding custom pricing formatting to any selected fields as well as converting those pesky Y/N fields that RETS push 0/1 as the values back into a Y/N value ....and a few other items Dinesh wants to update.

Next we are going to get all of the templates and modules/feature extensions all into one place so that its nice and neat expansion of our current file/template/module manager and will give you a FTP/custom file editor option as opposed to having things in 2 places like we currently have.


UPDATED - added this screenshot Feb-10th to show everyone progress on the 4x version




Now what about a CRM?


I'm seriously considering taking the UPICRM plugin from http://www.upicrm.com/ and forking parts of it into a new CRM module - Dinesh/team are looking it over to see if its worth forking or just using what we've already started on......but either way its coming and already put into the 1st quarter budget.


I can also tell everyone that prior to the new CRM release we will be adding in to our UI the option to push all user registrations into the Wordpress user_db table instead of ours so that everyone can take advantage of all of the Wordpress users options that other plugins can help you to enhance customer build outs that request using 3'rd party plugins like mailchimp - constant contact etc


and what about the ETA? .....as long as it takes....should see new Admin Template showing up within about 4-6 weeks and everything other than new CRM should be completed within 60-90 days.

Anything missing? I'm sure I've forgot to mention a few things but feel free to chime in below as I will be moving this thread to regular forums section as soon as we make the 3.1.2 release.



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#4596 Coming in April - New 4.0.5

Posted by RETSPRO on 26 March 2018 - 03:22 PM

NOTE* I drafted this a few days ago and it's still in a draft format that I will be updating with actual screenshots and videos over the next week -

For all of you that are already customers and following along with our LIVE Google Doc's thread - Here are the results!

New 4.0.5 Release Notes**
Now that the new version is going through its final testing we are excited to mention some of the newest features coming in this new version.

  • RETS Module - Added a NEW Multi-RETS Option to handle Duplicate Removal.

    Select preferred RETS-ID  - Next -  Select RETS-Field(typically address)  -  SET[]checkbox   [Run Now Button]
    [text box here shows your cron path to execute]

    So that way anyone with neighboring RETS providers i.e. Miami/Ft.Lauderdale where the same listings are in both mls they can now have an easy option to match anything i.e "address" and select their preferred RETS-id to keep and delete all others. Our RETS Module has a couple of other NEW items we are keeping under wraps until we get them done but they are regarding how to deal with "Sold Data" in a way that I know every developer out there will want to take advantage of. (another RETS PRO exclusive).
  • We have some great changes coming with our Search Form builder that will take a video to cover all of it.
    • Fixed search form to now "instant-load" so that only the html is loaded and none of the values are called until on-click of that box.
    • Also added custom message box that you can also include html etc for your own custom 404-not-found message/template.
    •  Added in new option to join multiple fields into single pipe|value|values|  will = single Caption name (needed when doing multi-rets).
    • Added a new option to Set Custom Submit Button settings - Great for setting default sortby options as well as now being able to Select RETS-id as well so that if you wanted to select the jquery tabs for displaying Active/Sold or Residential/Land or RETS#1/RETS#2 then you will ALSO be able to SET the SUBMIT BUTTON settings to select which RETS-ID as well as other button options.  BOOM! #1 Search form builder out there!
  1. Maps Module has some New features - Set a default Property Type and Min-price - Cleaned up interface as well.
  2. GeoCoder modules with New google Api links and Api key checker as well as Cleaned up the interface.
  3. Fixed broken Print Friendly template path.
  4. Fixed broken RSS in shortcode templates
  5. Added and fixed New Pagination {tag} - add pagination any place you want now within shortcode templates.
  6. Fixed all php 7.1x compatibility issues.
  7. Fixed subdirectory installation path issues.
  8. New - Added  {logged_in}{/logged_in} check tags so that you can now wrap them around anything in our templates to hide unless logged in and we also have them as conditionals so that you can SHOW something else unless logged in - CTA - Unlimited!
  9. New - listing fields editor option that allows you to select ANY field(s) to be hidden unless user logged in - CTA/VOW - Unlimited!
  10. New - Added new Show Current Count for Search Page
  11. New - Added  UI panel for Registration options that also include Social registration options via your api-keys.
  12. New - Forced Registration UI panel with a limited set of options but is now part of our core plugin.

So all of that is where we are and what we are testing - anything missing? 

um ..yeah!  - Favorite listings and Saved Search alerts!

That's all coming in this release as well and I will attach a couple of screenshots below of what we've reworked which includes new db-tables as well.

New ScreenShots and Video Coming this week ! 

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#4097 RETS PRO 3.1.1 Released and ready to download!

Posted by RETSPRO on 20 October 2016 - 03:15 PM

RETS PRO 3.1.1 - now available for download ....and just to be clear this is mostly a code patch needed to fix some minor bugs and to hook in newest features.


The downloadable version and the auto-update version will both install as the same way as all previous versions.


There are some new default template files (located in the plugins /templates/default/) that were added/edited that will be needed if you want to include some of the latest features - but first I need to wrap up the css on the compare listings module that I will be uploading by tomorrow night and I will be updating this post with information and videos on how to do all of the above by this weekend if not sooner so everyone can get started playing with the "new-stuff".

Super busy doing customer projects so hopefully I can get to the how-to videos sometime on Friday.


Updates in this version include:

  • Cleaned up some css and buttons in the Admin panel/UI.
  • Fixed a few more bugs.
  • Added in code for being able to add new UI panel for tying in multiple RETS db's into one master db while each one still using remote images (super cool and will be in the next release).
  • More code was added that's getting us closer to Listing Alerts module release.
  • Tested and made sure this all works with the new shortcode w/new maps shortcode template.


Overall this is a really good version to upgrade too if you've been waiting to upgrade!


Stay tuned for more how-to video/documentation coming asap!


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#3971 RETS PRO 3.1.0.a Released Today - Please Read!

Posted by RETSPRO on 25 September 2016 - 05:55 PM

This is a follow up to a lot more testing of last Fridays 3.1.0 release in which I discovered a critical error that required an immediate patch release - 

Mike has done so much code over these last few months that there hasn't been enough time to keep up with all of the required testing. I mean sure, things always "seem" to be fine until you go and pack everything up and then test it on new installs and upgrade installs and that's always when the fun starts.


In this release - 

  1. A few minor bug fixes but a couple of important ones such as the RETS data removal and other RETS file fixes.
  2. New embedded maps w/polygon shortcode template for embedding maps now within you community pages.
  3. Fixed similar listings shortcode to now auto exclude same listing as the current listing being viewed.
  4. Added polygon to main map search as well as fixed custom map pins to work with unlimited fields values.
  5. I'm pretty sure the compare listings is in this version as well.

( *Due to our extra long testing period of the beta 3.0.9 already installed on so many customers sites, we will be making this release as 3.1.0.a )


So now on to wrapping up and creating the new how-to videos for everyone  :)



Coming in our next release 3.1.1 -

  1. New option to push multiple rets dbs into single master db - and then all listings will follow their master db's photo settings - thus allowing us to join multiple db's while maintaining their custom image hot links - cool feature for those needing it - 
  2. Next up - Forced registration options - and hopefully our long awaited listing alerts!

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#4528 New 4x 1.0.1 Release Information.

Posted by RETSPRO on 31 August 2017 - 04:45 AM

Great News!


The latest 4x version is ready to release pending code cleanup and additional documentation for the newest features.


We've polished off many items that were needing final tweaks/testing and we've already committed this version to our SVN.  Once we catch up on a few past due client projects we plan to release this new version with a huge pack of brand new how-to-videos that'll be needed so that everyone will be able to keep up with all the new features we've packed into this 4x version.


This version is also considered a "Stable-Release" version and will auto-update again like any other WordPress plugin. Everyone should feel fine to go ahead and use this version for building and testing on production sites now without any concerns about core functionality being a problem......we've built well over a dozen+ RETS projects as well as tested all the new features .....and while there still may be some CSS/HTML compatibility testing to address with other various themes/plugins, these would not affect the functionality of the plugin.  

On another Note* - We have NOT created an auto 3x to 4x update as of yet and we'll do some more testing on that during the first part of September. We have dozens of customers sites that are already asking us for an update to the newest version so that they can utilize all the new toys/options, so that's certainly a high priority for us as soon as we complete this new public release we intend on getting right to that next.


Some Highlights for this next version include:

  • More statistical shortcode options added to our latest shortcode builder.
  • New Custom AutoSuggest Builder (super custom w/options to set preselected links shown etc ..as seen on REW websites.)
  • Reworked the Agent Roster and adding in agent fields to also include WYSIWYG editor as new "Field-Type" option instead of just another text box - So this now means that when the office receptionist has to enter in new agents they will be able to copy and paste html/images/links etc right into the wysiwyg editor and hit the save button. We also fixed the agent Sort-By field options in this version as well.
  • Fixed - Ability to not only manually upload "pocket or open listings" (into same RETS db table) but also their images into their own separate image directory that is separate from the RETS downloaded images directory (If you bother to download images versus hotlinking them).  SO - not only can you mix in your own pocket listings (as long as the BOR allows that) you can also have multiple-rets feeds all with their own separate image paths and ALL working in the slider on the listing details page - Think about that for a moment!  

**We've tested the following on a current project - (5) RETS feeds along with (1) Manually uploaded NON-MLS set of listings all going into (1) database AND all (6) of the data sources all have (6) different image paths/settings AND all listings are searchable from (1) Search Form AND all images work everywhere on the website including on the Listing Details Slider!  .....Show me someone who has all of that in a plugin!


Other than the above-mentioned highlights, we've also tested and fixed every last "bug" that we could find with the beta version as well as cleaned up dozens of minor irritations that we documented a long the way so that those would all be "gone forever" in this new SVN commit we've just made.


Look for a new Release Announcement prior to Sept-8th ....and in the mean time, we'll be making new videos!

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#4223 New Release Update Information:

Posted by RETSPRO on 02 March 2017 - 04:11 AM

Check out the newest 4x video -

New Update on 4x Search Form builder - https://www.screenca...om/t/ZvdAzvPUkl

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#2560 RETS PRO 3.0.4 Released and ready to download!

Posted by RETSPRO on 29 December 2015 - 03:17 AM

Our newest version 3.0.4 is available for download.. and I'm about to do a quick video for it in the morning - 


This version includes the New "Maps Module" and "Geo Code Module" already included within the plugin!


Although this has been thoroughly tested on a few of our own website(s)/project/servers, we would caution you to first work with this new version on a separate install so that you can test things out for yourself.


Since everyone is blowing up our phones and skype about when,when,when I've decided to go ahead and make this the release for version 3.0.4 - we're pretty happy with it since we're really only able to deliver a 95% "finished" styling/design to match everyone's RETS fields and or clients requirments, the remaining 5% of the work is up to > you < the developer(s)....this version however solves a lot of design options for people savvy enough to leverage it.


This release includes many bug fixes as well as some other new branding and styling changes but stay tuned for the video overview - ALSO - Note* if you have older version 3.0.3 it should already be available to auto update within the WP plugin's UI by tomorrow when I send out the email.


I know I shouldn't have to tell everyone this but I am anyway - Make A Backup First!


This first video covers a new install + shows it tied into remote db option

*I can typically do the entire setup process in less than 3 min when using a master db.

*After the 3 min setup is done - I also FTP drop in my own custom replacement template that I've already created that matches all of the current RETS fields - which I didn't mention in the video but I have an archive of different custom enfold template folders that already match the specific fields I used for each RETS provider I've previously mapped.




This video shows the upgrade and setting up the maps module and geo-code module.

*Although its a rather long video it should get the bulk of you upgraded with no issues of any kind - but - anyone with an older version ( 2.9.4 thru 3.0 ) you should open a ticket and or post here in the forums with your symptoms so I can diagnose the problem and provide you with additional steps that may be required to get the db's updated.


Cheers and Happy New Year!


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#4148 wpengine

Posted by homesinpa on 08 November 2016 - 07:27 PM

I know - I tried. I have the Turbo one. Have 2-3 other clients on it too. You can chose the base one and upgrade from there. A good add-on is the railgun once you're live. That's a great tool. And if you get serious traffic, you can add on the performance bump too. We are working with them to get the memcached component working but that's been a plugin issue we're trying to resolve. Actually have their support working with us on it - very good team over there. Once that's done, I can share results with you in case you're interested in the future (that's the last think to worry about for your site).


Hope that helps.



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#4023 wpengine

Posted by homesinpa on 06 October 2016 - 09:27 PM

Yeah, not a fan of them either (for this type of site) because they limit certain types of caching, etc. Love their model BUT they control too much for a system like this from what I've discovered.

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#3533 RETS PRO 3.0.7 Released and ready to download!

Posted by RETSPRO on 05 May 2016 - 03:24 PM

We have finally released the new 3.0.7 version.

I'll let Mike add some change log updates since I'm sure I've missed a few:


  1. Fixed issue with Wordpress-MU sub-directory core/path issues - something we were not aware of until recent project.
  2. Fixed issue with pagination when pagination # was less than listings retrieved was displaying error/notice.
  3. Fixed issue with RETS crons displaying errors/notices.
  4. Added Listing Alerts code to default template (more on that in upcoming how-to videos).
  5. Some other minor tweaks and code clean ups - (mainly related to templates).

Note** - All 3'rd party themes and plugin downloads have just been updated as of today 05/05/216 - 

(I am testing the new features modules today and will make them available later tonight in the downloads section)


And I'll let Mike fill in the rest of the updates below:

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#1924 You guys are the best!

Posted by HavasuGeek on 15 January 2014 - 12:40 AM

I was having several issues and contacted them via skype and we were able to fix the issue very quickly. I love this plugin and would recommend it to everyone. Thank you again for helping me. I'll be able to launch the new site tomorrow. You're the best!

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