customerCustom Company/Broker Real Estate Websites Starting At $ 3,999.00. We build these sites using WordPress-MU so that you have the ability to also create unlimited subdomain websites as in this example: This type of website is normally an additional charge (per-site) with other real estate website companies but RETS PRO ™ sets your site up with all of the tools to make the process happen with a click of a button and the best part is that there are NO additional fees! Give us a call (888) 540-9666 if you have any “Pre-Sale” questions or if you would like to see other websites built using this type of structuring. If you’re ready to get started then all we need is a deposit for half in order to begin the project and then once the project is approved by you to be setup on your actual domain name as a “Live Website” then we require the final payment to be made at this time. TOTAL COST = $3,999 This is for the first of 2 Payments for the DEPOSIT of 50% ($1,999.00) [button link=”″ target=”_blank” size=”medium” variation=”orange”]Buy Now[/button] The second and Final invoice of $2,000.00 will need be paid by you after you decide to make the site a “Live” website. Please Note* Our Refund Policy For This Purchase: Once the delivery of the “Live” website has been confirmed and the final payment is made there are – NO REFUNDS! – We are delivering to you a (one-of-a-kind) – Custom – “Non Tangible Digital Product and Services rendered” that has no resellable value. We offer (ALL) our Clients FREE additional technical support via our Support Tickets system – Please Call (888) 540-9666 or open a ticket if needing support. Personal emails are NOT recommended for support.